Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Boost Sagging 2014 Summer Box Office


With the summer waning, pundits hope Marvel pic outperforms

The 2014 summer box office is down roughly 20% from 2013’s record-breaking highs and year-to-date overall ticket sales are off more than 6%.

August doesn’t have a ton of heavy hitters on deck, but one sleeper could be Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. While not exactly under-the-radar, Guardians Of The Galaxy isn’t necessarily going to be a huge hit. While it is popular on social media and has gotten favorable buzz so far, it’s as recognizable a brand as Iron Man or Captain America, so gauging how the movie will be received is tricky.

However, barring Avengers-like box office success, Guardians is unlikely to turn around the general trends. The third quarter of 2014 will see another dip at the box office, particularly since there have been six straight weekends of decline.

Analysts expect 2015 to rebound with new entries in the James Bond, Star Wars and Avengers series.

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Source: Variety