Batman and Robin #33 Spoilers & Review: Hellbat Debuts In Robin Rises Part 1? Plus A Collision Course With DC Comics New 52’s Justice League & Darkseid?!

Batman and Robin has been one of DC Comics’ most compelling New 52 ongoing series. Last week saw its recent “The Hunt For Robin” arc become the “Robin Rises” arc kicked off with Batman’s Robin Rises Omega #1 (spoilers here)

While writer Peter Tomasi has told the tale of father Bruce Wayne / Batman and son Damian Wayne / Robin in the Batman and Robin series, that came to an end in literal terms when Damian Wayne died in the pages of Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc. #8. However, many fans expected or more accurately hoped that it was only a matter of time before Batman’s son returned to take his unique place among Batman’s other ex-Robins.

For any true Bat-fan, the relationships between Batman’s ex-Robins has been a stellar success among many of the hits and misses of DC Comics’ New 52.

In addition, a new bird-themed female partner for Batman in the weekly series Batman: EternalHarper Row debuted as the Bluebird not Robin in Batman #28 – but there is only one Damian Wayne and Batman wants him back and he’ll go to Darkseid’s Apokolips and back to do it.

Spoilers and capsule review follow for Robin Rises’ Batman and Robin #33!

DC Comic’s free preview reveals the aftermath of the explosive ending to last week’s Robin Rises Omega #1.

From there, we get right into the issue the debut of Hellbat! It’s a weapon the Justice League built for Batman as the only non-super-powered member of the team. Batman wants to use it against Darkseid, but the Justice League comes to literal and literary 😉 blows with Batman over his plan.

Meanwhile, on Darkseid’s Apokolips, Glorious Godfrey gives Damian Wayne’s remains and coffin to Darkseid’s son making his New 52 debut… Kalibak!

So, if the Justice League won’t help Batman get to Apokolips to revive and retrieve Damian, who will?

His bat-family: Batgirl, Red Robin, Red Hood and Alfred! (No Nightwing because they all think he’s dead, yet he’s very much alive headlining the new Grayson ongoing New 52 series.) But, what is Batman’s plan exactly?

Overall, a fun issue on story and art. Can’t wait for Robin Rises Part 2!

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