CM Punk News: Stalemate w/WWE, Heat With Management, Possible Legal Implications

CM Punk’s contract was up last week and he was moved to the alumni section of the WWE website. However, neither side – WWE or Punk – has said much of anything about the departure.

There is reportedly heat with WWE Management over the way Punk left. Neither side is said to have made any move in that direction, but Punk did make an allusion to a reason Monday night at the AP Music awards. He made a joke about concussions and staph infections. This was the first public disclosure of a possible concussion, and could point to another plausible reason that Punk has walked away from wrestling.

The silence on both sides indicates that some sort of legal action could be possible down the line.

For now, Punk is claiming to “never, ever” want to return to pro wrestling, while WWE is using his legacy as a selling point for the Network, recently featuring a career retrospective.

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Source: Wrestling Observer