The Flash #33 Spoilers & Review: Another Death At The Hands Of The Future Flash? DC Comics New 52’s Wally West MIA?

It is a good time to a fan of the Flash and time travel at DC Comics.

Let’s get you caught up on the Future Flash and Wally West New 52 saga:

    The Flash #30 unveiled the DC Comics New 52’s Wally West and the identity of the Future Flash (spoilers here).

    The Flash Annual #3 showed a bit more of the first meeting between Barry Allen and Wally West as well what the mission of the Future Flash is and why its critical (spoilers here). We also learned that this Future Flash is willing to go to any lengths to complete his mission including killing a classic Rogues Gallery member 20 years in the future of the DC Comics New 52.

    The Flash #31 (spoilers here) he killed yet another Rogue!

    The Flash #32 (spoilers here) shows an actual mercy killing by the Future Flash in the future while Barry Allen makes headway with angry, but thawing Wally West in the present.

I also remain curious how Wally West becomes Impulse in The Flash title’s contribution to the September 2014 New 52 Futures End 3D cover comic book initiative set five years in the future.

Spoilers and capsule review follow for The Flash #33.

The free preview for this issue provides a nice summary of the modern-day murder investigation that Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash is working on with the police force including Detective Seborn. And it looks like Barry may be able to use his CSI forensics to crack the case!

When we get into the actual issue, we see the Future Flash now only seven years into the future seemingly compassionately dealing with the Trickster? Unlike in previous issues where he’s killed various Rogues across time, in this issue his goal is to spare the Trickster from his tragic fate?! That was unexpected and refreshing.

And, to tie back to the beginning of the book, Barry Allen cracks the modern-day murder mystery! The man responsible is… Detective Seborn?

This issue seems to have no modern-day Wally West about, but perhaps I just blinked and missed it?

Overall, I’m finding the Future Flash parts of the ongoing subplots in The Flash the most compelling narrative. The modern-day scenes don’t pop for me, but that may change when the Future Flash gets “here” to take on The Flash. However, Brett Booth’s art rocks throughout.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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