Wednesday Comments – Six Dream DC Comics New 52 Titles

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Remember when The New 52 actually totaled fifty-two titles? Man, those were the days. Of course now it’s been quite some time since DC had fifty-two titles on the shelf in a given month.

But I want to help fix that.

That’s why this week I’m offering up some titles that DC can use to bolster their shelf real estate. I’m even offering up creative teams. I’m putting together packages that DC should totally capitalize on.

Snapper Carr P.I.
W – Brian Azzarello
A – Cliff Chiang

Clearly Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang make magic together. And they’ve both worked on crime books before, so this is a natural fit. Snapper is a guy who had a brief encounter with celebrity. Then he makes two bad decisions. The first is to try to cash in on his celebrity by becoming a P.I. The second is setting up shop in Hub City.

Infamy Inc.
W – Various
A – Various

This is a villain-centric book. The overall plot is that a mysterious character named Mockingbird is aiding costumed criminals in the DCU. Basically it’s an anthology book that allows creators to work on villains. Remember how much fun Geoff Johns’ Rogue profiles issues were? Well, that’s what this book would do, but with villains from every corner of the DCU.

Black Lightning
W – Percy Carey
A – John Paul Leon

The current Black Lightning popped up in DC Universe Presents, but hasn’t really had much shine since then. He’s a longtime hero in the DCU and he deserves larger stature. Plus DC could use some diversity in their line. It’s the story of Jeff Pierce coming to terms with being a hero and a role model and trying to discover which is more important.

Dylan Battles: For Hire
W – Marc Andreyko
A – Cully Hamner

Dylan Battles is a guy who has simple dreams; he doesn’t want to take over the world, he just wants a quick buck. So Dylan is always looking out for a henchman or goon gig. What’s life like for a profession henchman in the DCU? Find out monthly from Andreyko and Hamner.

Booster Gold
W – Tom Peyer
A – Don Kramer

Booster is trying to stay one step ahead of the Linear Men, who don’t take kindly to his unauthorized time travel, while still living the life of a 21st Century superhero. But when he saves the life of a guy named Tyler who claims to be a robot from the 853rd century, things get really crazy.

Ambush Bug
W – Keith Giffen
A – Keith Giffen

C’mon, Keth worked on DC weeklies and with Dan DiDio, he’s got to cash all that goodwill in for something. Please let it be this!

It’s only six books, but I’ve got other ideas too. I’m just saving them for a future column. What books would you like to see DC publish to fill out their “New 52?”

It’s Wednesday; go out and get some fresh new comics from your friendly neighborhood comic shop.