Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Zach Gets Himself In Hot Water, Tells Brittany To Hold House Meeting, Detonators Tell Him To Fix

On Tuesday, Zach tried to stir the pot before Thursday’s live eviction episode.

When Brittany continued her campaigning and approached him to vote for her, Zach told her that his concern would be her targetting him. Brittany continued to push the idea that she would nominate people who don’t deserve to be there. She explained that Victoria would be one of her nominees and that she cannot accept being sent home before her. Zach attempted to play on Brittany’s paranoia and advised her to call a house meeting in order to tell them all at the same time to reveal their votes instead of always basing their decisions on what others are doing. He told her that she had ‘nothing to lose,’ and Brittany said she would consider it if Zach told the house that he was voting for Brittany to stay. Zach said he would, but only if Caleb was asked first.

Immediately after talking to Brittany, Zach met with Cody and joked that he was such awful to Brittany and gave her the terrible advice of calling a house meeting. From nowhere Amber interrupted their convo and asked Cody to be her date for the night. Cody decided not to take the bait and said he didn’t want to risk the wrath of Caleb. Cody then went back to telling Zach that his idea about telling Brittany to call a house meeting was ‘stupid’ and would result in Donny revealing things that should stay hidden.

Zach’s copping to his bad advice to Brittany continued to haunt him as Cody complained to Caleb about it (although this was done in front of Zach). Cody told his nemesis that it wasn’t funny for Zach to play on Brittany’s emotions and offer her false hope.

Frankie was next to find out about the ‘house meeting affair’ and told Zach to tell Brittany that the others who have watched Big Brother before told him that all house meetings are a bad idea. Frankie pushed the idea of doing damage control.

Cody also seemed quite affected by Zach’s fooling around and said that he was hurting their respective games. Zach apologized and blamed it on his boredom. He said that he was aware that everyone was carrying him to the Final 5 and that he should take the free ride instead of making their lives difficult. Cody later filled Derrick in on Zach’s tomfoolery and told him that “Zach needs to go.”

Zach then told Brittany not to hold a house meeting and Brittany said she appreciated his sincerity.


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