24 Spoilers: Finale’s Alternate Ending, Update On Movie Plans

The last time we saw Jack Bauer, he was being carted away by the Russians as he traded himself to save Chloe O’Brien.

What fans of the series might not know is that there was an alternate ending planned that would have once again resulted in Jack getting the last laugh.

“We went through so many ideas for that ending,” Sutherland told fans at 24: Live Another Day’s Comic-Con panel on Thursday. “We thought, maybe for the DVD, Jack will pull out a hand grenade, and just blow [the helicopter] up. We had never had that kind of freedom before.”

As it stands, Bauer really will be going to Moscow, but where things go from there is anyone’s guess. Executive producer Jon Cassar would not confirm a new season, but did say that the movie rumours are more substantial than initially realized.

“We’re still talking about the movie,” he said to much applause. “It’s still potentially out there, so that’s good news.”


Source: TVGuide.com