Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Frankie Nominates Amber, Team America Fails Mission, Amber Says Caleb Wanted Her Nominated Just So She Would Talk To Him

It was an interesting night and an interesting day in the Big Brother House

Early yesterday morning, Amber and Zach tried to resolve their differences after Christine told Zach that Amber was plotting against the guys. Amber told Zach that his jokes cross the line at times.

From there, Zach went over to recount the details of his conversation with Amber to Caleb. He made it seem like Amber was making a big deal out of nothing and that Amber told him that she was there to ‘play her own game’ and didn’t need Caleb. This was in a planned effort by Zach to turn Caleb and Amber against each other so that Caleb would sign off on Amber being backdoored. The plan worked and Zach barely had to do any convincing as Caleb said that Amber should be nominated. Zach also told Caleb that Amber claimed responsibility for Devin’s demise since she was the one who stood up and said she wanted him out. The final straw for Caleb was when Zach told him that she only went on the ‘pickle date’ with him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Zach advised Caleb to go and talk to Amber but the Beast Mode Cowboy refused. Caleb said that he found it funny that Amber keeps telling the other houseguests that she doesn’t like him but acts different around him when everyone else goes to bed. Zach said that he was angry that Amber continues to treat Caleb so poorly and they both agreed that Amber doesn’t deserve him. Caleb said that Amber would have to play the game on her own from now on. Right on cue, Frankie joined the pair and reaffirmed that they wouldn’t say anything to anyone before the backdoor plan was put into effect today.

From there, Zankie had their own HOH meeting. They agreed that the plan could not have gone any better and Zach took credit for turning Caleb on Amber without putting any blood on Frankie’s hands. Zach said that the chances of Amber and Caleb figuring out that they were being set-up does not have a high probability because he told Amber not to tell Caleb what he had ‘confided’ in her. Frankie said that Christine was also telling Amber to distance herself from Caleb. Zach continued to pat himself on the back and said that he went on a date with Amber, told Caleb everything that happened, and crushed his heart to secure that Amber would be going home. Frankie advised him not to get ahead of himself with so much time left before the eviction. Zach said that he wanted to follow Caleb around all day and have Christine follow Amber around all day so that Caleb/Amber would not be able to talk to each other.

Almost on cue, Caleb told Frankie that he wanted to get Cody to speak to Amber to find out if Zach was lying about what he told him Amber said. Frankie told him that this was of no use because whether she did or didn’t say those things, he would still be naming her as the replacement nominee after Hayden used the veto on Victoria. Frankie confirmed everything that Zach said and told Caleb that he didn’t tell him because he didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Frankie said he could confront Amber after she was nominated.

Frankie then rushed over to the HOH room to fill Zach in on what Caleb said. Zach seemed befuddled by the fact that Caleb didn’t trust what he said. Frankie warned him to stop talking to Caleb and to just let Caleb think about what was already said.

After the houseguests conducted a memorial service for both Frankie and Derrick’s grandfather’s (presided over by Jocasta) the game talk continued. Frankie asked Cody about how he felt about Zach. Cody said that Zach just makes the game harder for both of them and that he is done with Zach the next time he throws them under the bus. Frankie said that the one good thing about Zach is that he believes him when he says that he would sacrifice his game for theirs. Frankie said that if 2 Detonators win the next HOH, they need to nominate Hayden, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria as they can no longer nominate their own members like Zach did.

Frankie, Cody and Derrick talked about the importance of making Amber feel that she has the votes to stay so that she doesn’t try to drag them down. Zach said that he would tell her to her face that she is going home. With the Team America task of getting a fight started at the veto ceremony still looming, Derrick/Frankie encouraged him to do this. Caleb also joined in. Zach said that he planned to cover the fact that Caleb did everything for Amber’s game, he took $5000 in the veto that Victoria won so that he could take her on a cruise and gave her his blankets in the Have-Not room.

After the summit ended, the Hitmen talked about how they would tell Amber that it was ridiculous she was nominated and they would vote for her to stay to minimize any impact.

Today, the veto ceremony took place. As expected, Hayden pulled Victoria down and Frankie nominated Amber. Reports are that Zach’s speech was epic but that Amber did not react and only smiled so Team America failed in their task. Cody reportedly is upset that Zach continued to throw him under the bus. Amber said that people are backstabbers in the house and accused the guys of knowing about the plan the entire time. She started lamenting th fact that Caleb is targetting her only because she doesn’t want a relationship. Caleb said that he wants Amber to crawl back to him. He told Frankie that he wants him to tell her ‘why are you talking to everyone except Caleb when he is the only one who has the ability to save you?’

Amber then delivers one of the the best lines of the season.

“I feel like Caleb only wanted me on the block so I would talk to him.”