Jim Ross Comments On TNA Impact Cancellation By Spike TV

In a latenight blog, Jim Ross chimed in on the Spike TV Cancellation of Impact

on Impact:
Obviously, this is a blow to TNA but they have a weekly audience of approximately 1M viewers which will interest some cable networks. The question is can TNA negotiate a deal that will financially keep them in business in today’s entertainment world with this quick turnaround?

on WWE rights fees:
WWE got less of a rights fee from NBC/Universal to stay on the USA Network than many predicted so one could assume another cable entity might not be willing to pay top dollar for TNA with the current perception that broadcasters apparently have regarding the genre.

on WWE’s potential affect on TNA:
It will be interesting to see how all the involved parties spin this matter come Monday morning. If WWE’s scheduled financial, conference call doesn’t go well later this week especially as it relates to the number if subscribers currently paying for the WWE Network this will be one of the most news worthy and potentially negative weeks the business has experienced in years. Hopefully the week will end better than it’s started.

on what could happen if TNA goes under:
As in any major development such as this, opportunistic entrepreneurs will circle their wagons to both fill the programming void at Spike and to potentially create national, cable TV competition for WWE.

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Source: JR's BBQ