My Thoughts: WWE RAW 7.28.14 (John Cena, Chris Jericho, Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon)

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#1~ John Cena was in typical form coming off of the announcement of who his opponent is at SummerSlam. It was quintessential “Let’s Go Team & Never Give Up!” that we always get when Cena has a big opponent to face. The Cesaro interruption was a great few seconds until I remembered that he’s been the “jobber to the stars” the past few months. It’s as if the WWE know they have something special with Cesaro but have no idea how to handle him.

#2~ Ah we got so close to another classic Chris Jericho/Stephanie McMahon segment. If ONLY it wasn’t TV-PG. Now I can only pray that crowds start to sing “Bad Boy” every time Stephanie is trying to cut a promo.

#3~ A solid tag team match that saw Dolph Ziggler take over the hot tag role that Daniel Bryan used to hold. Fast, point-to-point and damn exciting. Plus it was the second win in as many weeks for Ziggler which is definitely an upswing when compared to the rest of 2014. I’m not getting my hopes up yet but at least Ziggler is winning.

#4~ While I felt Randy Orton’s beatdown of Roman Reigns was justified if they want to build to a match at SummerSlam, the attack itself felt like it left something to be desired. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve seen Orton attacks that have been FAR more vicious or that the crowd didn’t give him the heel heat he deserved for beating down the #2 babyface in Roman Reigns but either way it felt like a slow start to a (hopefully) short feud.

#5~ While I thought Seth Rollins/Chris Jericho was good, I expected the match to save this show. It was slower paced than I would have expected though it picked up near the end just for the fluke finish. I’d like to see these two get more TV time and some more time to work together. Given that, I would love to see these two mix it up again.

#6~ Gotta love pro-wrestling. Where even lawsuits and warrants can be settled in a match at SummerSlam. I was shocked that this segment was closing out the show but once Stephanie delivered the line “At SummerSlam, I’ll make you my bitch!” it all made sense. It’s strange to have two strong women’s programs going on at the same time but it’s working. Stephanie and Brie Bella are carrying the emotional storyline role while Paige and AJ handle the in ring work for the Divas Championship. Overall a very slow show but they do have quite a few weeks until SummerSlam.

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