The Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 5 To Start With The Most Intense 6 Minutes In Show’s History, Rick’s Improved Leadership

Last season, The Walking Dead started with a shot of Rick Grimes hoeing in the makeshift farm that his group had set-up. This season will be about anything but farming.

That’s according to the show’s executive producer who, flanked by castmembers Andrew Lincoln and Michael Cudlitz, spoke to TVLine at San Diego’s Comic-Con this past weekend.

“I remember last season talking to Robert Kirkman, and I said ‘okay… beginning of season four, Rick is hoeing,” EP Scott M. Gimple said. “So season five, I would say is the anti-hoeing. It is just the opposite. The first six minutes are among the most intense minutes of The Walking Dead period. Let alone at the beginning of an episode. It gets very intense, very quick. Very terrifying, very quick.”

Gimple said that over the course of the season, the show rotates between “electric and acoustic sets” referencing that the show will continue to mix intense action with thoughtful storyline and character development.

Andrew Lincoln talked about how he will be back with the majority of the cast this season as Rick was isolated last season with Michonne and Carl.

“It does feel like the band is back together to a degree,” Grimes said. “It does feel thrilling to be the leader. A man who is in no doubt about his decision-making and what he is capable of doing to keep his family alive.”

Lincoln says that Grimes will get to “shoot a lot of guns” this season and throw himself around the place like a lunatic.

The best line of the interview is definitely when Lincoln was asked to explain Rick’s line from the Season Preview trailer where he refers to his camp as his family.

“If you stand beside Rick, you’re family,” Lincoln said. If you stand in front of Rick, you are a problem.”

To watch the entire interview, click HERE.