News On Whether Jeff Hardy And Kurt Angle Would Be Welcome Back In WWE


As rumors spread that TNA Impact might be canceled, there have been talk of what would happen to the TNA talent.

Two of TNA’s top stars – Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle – are former WWE main eventers who were fired and sought refuge in TNA. Both have had drug issues in the past, and while both have appeared to overcome them at times, it still remains to be seen.

In the case of Jeff Hardy, WWE would likely take him back. Hardy has apparently cleaned up his act since becoming a father, and WWE could bring him back with a “one strike” type policy for drug issues. He is young enough to still have several years on top left.

As for Kurt Angle, it’s not quite as simple. Vince McMahon himself has been adamant about not having Kurt return for 8 years, and will reject it anytime his name is brought up. Kurt could be brought back in a backstage capacity, either as an agent or for use in the NXT facility. It’s possible he could have a once in a while match, but even Kurt himself has admitted it’s unlikely his body could handle a full time WWE schedule.

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Source: Wrestling Observer