TNA News: Latest On Spike TV, Vince Russo, Other Promotions Considered, Rights Fees


The news about TNA Impact on Spike TV continues to evolve. The latest is that while negotiations are on-going, Spike is not planning on brinring Impact back. However, it was said to be a tight negotiation, so it could still be a negotiating ploy.

Spike is reportedly paying about $13 million per year to TNA as a programming fee. It could be that Spike is currently posturing with TNA to keep the renewal price down under that number.

Spike TV has reportedly talked to two other wrestling promotions about taking over the TNA timeslot. One is said to be a non-starter, which is presumably Ring of Honor due to Sinclair Broadcasting owning them. The other is said to be a “surprise” but not much else is known, except it’s definitely not the Jeff Jarrett GWF

There is still major talk that Vince Russo being associated with TNA was a tipping point against a deal. Spike TV is said to be strongly opposed to Russo being involved with the promotion, and TNA knew this, which is why they both kept his involvement secret and freaked out when it was made public.

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Source: Wrestling Observer