Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Caleb Practices Twisted Amber Speech For Live Show, Details On Tonight’s HOH Competition

This just keeps getting better and better.

Early Wednesday morning, Caleb began practicing a live speech for the live show that he would dedicate to Amber. This was after learning that the house would be sending her home. Among some of the lines that he rehearsed in front of Frankie, Zach, Cody and Derrick:

“Princess, I am the king and the slipper doesn’t fit”

He said that he isn’t the best poet but wanted to come up with a something that was lovey-dovey but end with an insult at the end.

Frankie said he should say something like “roses are red, violets are blue, you are a bitch.”

Derrick then spoke to Caleb privately and said that he should no longer have any doubts about sending her home since Amber told Cody that she was targeting him.

Later on Wednesday, Nicole confided to Christine that she was getting sick of having her name thrown in the mud and that she felt like there was no need to blindside Amber anymore since Caleb now knew the truth. She also said that she would tell Amber directly if people started pulling her name into things. The blondes then talked about how much they dislike Victoria and don’t want her in the house. They said that Hayden and Zach were both protecting her. Christine said that she wasn’t sure who would leave if Zach was nominated alongside Christine.

Later in the afternoon, Cody and Zach touched base about the probability of it being a double eviction and both agreed that Amber and Jocasta should go home if it is. Cody said that he was frustrated by Jocasta being able to float and Zach said that Nicole was playing the same game. Zach said that he tried to explain this to him last week, but no one would listen and Cody finally admitted that Zach was right. The boys then started tearing into Christine and Cody said that the floaters in the house were all the rest of the girls. He credited Victoria for at least saving herself. Zach once again pressured him about his loyalty to Christine and asked him what Christine was bringing to the table for the alliance. Cody said that Zach was right and would be even more useless now that Amber is going home (as Christine could no longer report back to them about what Amber was saying). Cody said that they are now basically the Detonators plus Caleb.

A preview of the HOH competition was then given as the memory wall shifted from pictures of the houseguests to a message that read “TIME TO GET LOOPY”. After that different clips of the houseguests began playing on a continuous loop. The houseguests gathered around and have been watching the memory wall ever since, as the videos will likely be a part of tonight’s HOH competition.

The best part of the day was Frankie/Christine/Zach making a Final 3 deal. Frankie and Zach felt that Jocasta needed to go before Victoria and Christine agreed with the strategy. Christine said that Victoria could be used to break Nicole and Hayden apart. The three decided that the best eviction order moving forward would be Amber, Jocasta, Victoria. Zach suggested Hayden because his social game make him a big threat. The trio debated about the last non-Detonator member who should be left standing. Zach pushed for Nicole while Frankie liked Donny. Christine (protecting her alliance with Nicole) said that Nicole was the most trustworthy but Zach didn’t like her loyalty to Hayden. Shockingly Frankie and Christine both told Zach that he wasn’t a threat to their games and Zach said that while he wanted to be hated, everyone seems to love him.