Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Donny Decides To Reject Team America Mission, Becomes Frankie’s Newest Target As A Result

On Wednesday evening, things in the Big Brother house started to pick up (just as they generally do as we get closer to the live eviction show).

In a private conversation (without their new F3 member Zach), Christine asked who should be targeted since they have all collectively decided to keep Caleb around. Frankie said that the best move for everyone would be Jocasta. Christine finally appeared to be back on board with Zach and told Frankie that she wouldn’t nominate the troublemaker, and instead would choose to target Victoria and Jocasta. Frankie explained that if one of the nominees won veto, they should put up Caleb but send home the other outsider.

The Detonator Boys held a conference in Frankie’s HOH room to decide who the replacement nominee should be if Christine nominated Jocasta and Victoria and someone saved themselves. Frankie suggested Caleb as the best option as it was what everyone expected her to do, but then the guys could just save Caleb. Derrick said that he didn’t even want to risk Caleb being nominated because of how loyal he is. Zach said that Hayden would be a good choice and is the biggest threat to them. Frankie didn’t like that idea and eventually the guys decided that Zach could nominate Hayden if he wanted to. The others decided Donny was the best choice for their games.

In one of the major developments of the day, Cody told Derrick and Zach that Frankie was a threat to them and had alliances with everyone. Derrick told him not to freak out and that the Detonator plan is best move for all of them. Derrick said that they should only be concerned if Frankie attempts to protect an outsider over them but Zach chimed in and said that is all Frankie does. Cody said he was now questioning Frankie and Christine’s loyalty and was specifically concerned that Frankie/Christine have side deal with Hayden/Nicole (a very good observation by Cody). Cody said that Frankie took Christine away from him and is now doing the same with Zach. Hayden then confided in Cody that he would be targeting Frankie if it was a double eviction. Cody told him he wouldn’t have the votes to evict Frankie so Hayden said that Caleb would be best case.

The newly-formed F3 of Christine/Frankie/Zach had a meeting where Frankie and Christine said they would support Zach if he won and wanted to strike against Hayden. Zach said that Hayden could rally outsiders while Caleb couldn’t making Hayden a bigger threat. Frankie asked Zach to keep Christine in good graces with Derrick and Cody and Zach and Frankie told each other they still planned to take each other to the end. Frankie said Christine was important for his game as Derrick/Cody are loyal to each other and Zach over him.

Derrick told Frankie that their new Team America mission requires them to vote against the house and then have all three members of Team America publicly call out two people for casting those votes. He also explained the rules and said that they have to call people out publicly in between the time the person leaves the house and they go outside for the HoH competition. Immediately, they discussed blaming Zach and Caleb for the votes to evict Jocasta. Frankie told Derrick that he is getting nervous about people not trusting Christine, so he needs Derrick’s help getting Zach and Cody to trust her. The two also said that now Hayden would have to be the true backdoor target since they cannot backdoor Donny for Team America reasons.

Donny was sleeping when Derrick received the Team America mission so Derrick went to wake him up. Upon hearing about it, Donny IMMEDIATELY suggested that they decline it. Donny then said that he will do the mission if the other two want but wanted them to know he thought it was a bad idea. Donny said that the people in the house are not stupid and they will be trying to figure out who did it until they get an answer. Donny felt that it would be so out of character for him to speak up in a situation like that, so it would draw attention to him. Donny also said that he still thought Caleb would give Amber his vote and this would lead to three votes being cast against Jocasta.

Frankie told Donny and Derrick that it’s easily believable that Zach and Caleb voted to evict Jocasta. They agreed to meet again on Thursday before making a final decision. Donny shockingly proclaimed “I didn’t come to play America’s game”. Derrick explained that he didn’t either but feels a sense of pride in doing these missions. Donny reluctantly said that he will do it if they want him to but he is against it.

After Donny went back to bed, Frankie told Derrick that Donny just said that he doesn’t want to be America’s Player, so Donny has to go. They said that instead of targeting Hayden, now they had to target Donny because he would be costing them money. Christine joined them and said that Donny needs to go if Jocasta or Victoria won the veto in a double eviction.


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