Manny Pacquiao Will ‘Expose’ Chris Algieri According To His Trainer Freddie Roach

Chris Algieri has never been defeated in 20 fights.

According to Freddie Roach, that’s because he has never stepped in against Manny Pacquiao.

The Hall of Fame trainer says that his Filipino fighter and champion will be able to find all of the weaknesses in Algieri’s game.

“We’ll expose them. We’ll show you,” answered Roach when asked of Algieri’s weaknesses in an interview with

Algieri actually moved up in weight class to take on the fight and challenge for the WBO world welterweight title. Roach said that he has a good jab and his running will pose problems for the Pacquiao, but that none of these issues pose any real problems for the champion.

The two will meet on November 22 bout in Macau.

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