Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Zach, Jocasta, Caleb, Victoria Nominated By Nicole & Donny

After last night’s HOH competition where Nicole and Donny were victorious (apparently by beating Zach and Caleb in a tiebreaker), their nominations caused quite a stir in the house.

Nicole seemed to want to backdoor Frankie, a move that Donny supported even saying that he hoped his nominees would lose so that she could stay in power and pull off the move. Nicole said that she wants the house to think that Zach is her target and Donny said that he wants Caleb to think the same thing. Donny said that he planned to tell Caleb that they are now square since they both nominated each other.

At the nomination ceremony, Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria while Nicole put up Jocasta and Zach. Frankie wasted no time in turning on Zach (again) by immediately offering Caleb and Victoria advice on how to work together to win the Battle of the Block competition. He told Victoria to do what Caleb said. On the other side, Zach and Jocasta also talked about how important communication was in the competition and Zach said that he hoped it was a mental comp because they could easily beat Caleb and Victoria in anything that wasn’t physical.

Derrick said that they wanted Caleb and Victoria to win to dethrone Donny as HOH, but that they wanted to save Zach. Cody said the best case scenario would be Caleb/Victoria winning BotB and then the POV being used on Zach to backdoor Frankie.

Hayden told Victoria that she didn’t have to worry because she wasn’t the target. Donny reaffirmed this and said that he actually was hoping he would be dethroned as the HOH. Zach asked Cody who Donny would put up as the replacement nominee if Caleb wins the veto and Cody admitted that he thought that it would be him and that he would be the target. Zach told Cody that the good thing is that he would have the votes to stay, even though they don’t want Cody on the block.

Zach also said the following one-liner:

“You want to play cat and mouse Nicole? Well I’m the cat and I’m coming for your head.”