Criminal Minds Spoilers: Mamma Reid’s Health To Improve, Opens Door For Spencer To Find Romance In New Season

Many Criminal Minds fans have been hoping for Spencer Reid to finally find love on the show (a strange concept considering what the show’s often morbid material), but it looks like it finally might happen.

The show’s boss has gone on the record as saying that there will be happier times for Reid’s mother (played by Jane Lynch) and this is primarily the result of Lynch being able to offer more of her time to the show.

“I’ve been dying to revisit Jane Lynch’s character forever, and now that Glee’s going to be in its last season that might be more possible,” Messer told TVLine. “She’s at the top of our list.”

With not having his mother’s health to worry about any longer, it would seem like the chances for Reid to finally find a soulmate are improving.