Hannibal Spoilers: Juicy Details Uncovered. Was Hannibal Supposed To Kiss Will Graham?

Many Hannibal fans wondered if the homoerotic undertones between the killer and the profiler were intentional or simply the result of incomparable chemistry between the actors and Hannibal‘s showrunner has finally answered the questions.

“I don’t think they wanted to get it on at all!” Fuller told TVLine.com. “But sure, the homoeroticism was absolutely intentional. If you could’ve heard me cackling in the editing room, you would take it with the naughty wink with which it was intended for a certain portion of the audience.”

Fuller continued.

“Will Graham’s heterosexual,” Fuller adds. “Hannibal Lecter, though, is the devil, so I think he’s turned on by anything that’s alive, and he can find a sensuality and a sexuality in all manner of things — because he has an awareness and a view of the world that is truly unique. So, no, I wouldn’t put it past him.”


Source: TVLine.com