The Flash Spoilers: Will Barry Romance Arrow‘s Felicity?

Fear not Oliver/Felicity fans, you won’t have to worry about Barry being a part of the love triangle any longer.

While Barry’s feelings for Felicity are referenced in The Flash premiere as he talks about someone he ‘met there,’ it can be confirmed that despite their romantic chemistry, the two characters might as well be Montagues and Capulets as like Romeo & Juliet, their cross-show romance can’t happen. Instead, we will see that Barry has feelings for Iris West, the police detective’s daughter he grew up with when his mother was murdered and his father was arrest. Their relationship will be one of the core storylines of the show as they start off more like a brother and sister.

It is hinted in the Flash premiere that Barry’s trip to Starling City (and/or a certain someone he met there!) indeed made an impression on him. But we also see almost immediately that the CSI whiz shares a quite complicated “relationship” with Iris West, the police detective’s daughter he “grew up with” after his mother was murdered/his father arrested. Obviously, the question will be: When will those two ever be on the same page regarding what they feel beyond a “brother/sister” vibe?

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