Forever Heel: The Days Aren’t So Dark For TNA


It looks like dark days for TNA, but it doesn’t need to be. TNA still has more going for it than any other fed in America, besides WWE. People that want TNA to die are WWE fans, not wrestling fans. They’ll never forgive TNA for having a few shows on Monday nights against Raw, or for some other goofy reason. These fans also can’t stand the idea of a woman at the top of a national pro-wrestling company. We all watch Raw, and can see that TNA isn’t trying to compete with WWE.  I wanted to show why there is still a lot of fight left in TNA.

TNA still has until October to sign with another channel. Spike may even allow Impact to stay on longer. Impact brings in one million loyal viewers every week. That’s a low rating, but cable channels are cluttered with shows that bring in less than a million viewers. No other wrestling company will do any better. I know GFW is coming, but it will be a long time before it gets off the ground and gets a tv deal. GFW may not make it at all.

TNA is still #2, and feds like ROH are a distant third. No channel will pick up garbage feds like CZW because this isn’t 1996, and networks don’t want guys attacking each other with weed wackers, and staplers. ROH is locked in with Sinclair Broadcasting, and I doubt any other channel is interested in buying the rights to broadcast some Indy fed nationally. NWA is run like it’s still 1968, it’s also broken up, and owned by a million different guys that join and leave the NWA every three years. So there’s nobody waiting to take TNA’s place on the national front.

Impact has good production values. How many times have we seen empty arenas before a show, but on tv it looks look thousands have showed up to see Impact live? (We’ve all seen it, so don’t F’ with me.)  TNA also does entrances well, and Christy Hemme is a fine announcer. Taz and Tenay are no worse than Cole and JBL, except Tenay’s trivia is about wrestling because Tenay is on a wrestling show. There’s also Jeremy Borash, who seems to be able to take on any task in front of the camera. I know their website and backstage area aren’t the best, but I want to focus on what TNA has going for it.

The talent may not make as much money, but they’re treated well. I know about Daphne’s injury, but TNA has shown those kind of injuries aren’t the norm, and they have toned down. TNA guys don’t have to work 6 times a week, and travel all over the country. A wrestler can be in a film without TNA trying to get something out of it. In TNA Brother Ray suggested becoming Bully Ray, he turned heel and got over. Nobody was mad at Bully for it. Wrestlers aren’t punished with humiliating gimmicks and getting buried for being loved by fans because you’re not the guy Vince wants to get over. In WWE Austin Aries would’ve been buried as soon as he gets a cheer. Also TNA has good talent that you will never see in WWE. They have wrestlers with various moves and styles, not just WWE style. Wrestlers can keep their gimmick, and keep their look.(see: Rose, Adam).

TNA is also willing to take risks and be innovative. TNA does copy a lot of WWE ideas, but they’re all the good ideas. “Feast or Fired” was tweaked just enough to be interesting. TNA also uses many traditional gimmick events like a lethal lottery, and weekly Tv Title defenses.  The BFG Series, and Ultimate X matches have been popular. Sadly the BFG Series has been nixed this year, but now we have “Option C”.  We’ve even seen crazy stuff like Team 3D and a bunch of Brooklyn bullies against LAX and a gang of thugs. They also take their women’s and lightweight divisions seriously, and they’re better for it.

Finally TNA is fan friendly. Dixie Carter used to frequently answer questions thru various forms of media. That ended after over-critical marks hijacked the whole thing. Carter may still take certain suggestions? That was getting a little murky, legal wise. Their website isn’t the best but it’s user-friendly, and easy to order merchandise from. For my last argument I will just ask you who else but TNA would make a Shark Boy action figure?

Heel of the week is Randy Orton because he killed that annoying Roman Reigns.

Top 5 Heels that have no business using the bathroom
5) Ming and the Barbarian
4)Big Show
3) Eddie Guerrero
2) Any referee under 24, and Pat Patterson
1) Heidenreich

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