Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Chris Harrison Slams Money Concept Of Bachelor Pad, Says Paradise Is Normal Bachelor ‘Times 10’

Tonight marks the season premiere of Bachelor In Paradise, and according to the show’s host… it isn’t anything like Bachelor Pad and that is apparently a good thing.

“With Bachelor Pad, you got caught up in the game, so that’s why we tore it apart and retooled it,” host Chris Harrison told “It became about money, and our show and franchise was never about that. So I think people will love that Bachelor in Paradise is about what makes The Bachelor and The Bachelorette great — only it’s not just [one guy or one girl]. It’s that times 10, which leads to love triangles, drama and amazing dates. If you love Bachelor or Bachelorette you won’t not be addicted to it.”

In terms of whether the show lives up to the hype, Harrison said that it would and that the contestants that Bachelor and Bachelorette fans have come to love and hate will continue to do the things that Bachelor nation have come to expect.

“I think people lived up to form. More than not, people didn’t surprise me and they turned out to be who I thought they were. Whether it was Marquel or Michelle Money or [later arrivals] Jesse Kovacs and Chris Bukowski, whatever you thought of those people will be reconfirmed.”

Bachelor In Paradise premieres tonight on ABC at 8 p.m.