Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Which Couples ‘Won’ & Which Couple Is Currently Engaged?

Tonight is the first episode but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how it will end.

If you are a Bachelor or Bachelorette addict, and can’t wait to see how Bachelor In Paradise plays out, you don’t have to, thanks to RealitySteve. The famous reality blogger has done it again and has already figured out the convoluted ending of Bachelor In Paradise.

The show will end with the final six couples being offered the choice to continue onto the Fantasy Suites.

These couples are:

Lacy & Marcus
Jackie & Zack
AshLee & Graham
Michelle & Cody
Sarah & Robert
Christy & Tasos

The couples who choose to go onto the Fantasy Suite dates are:

-Sarah and Robert go on the fantasy suite date, but she breaks up with him afterwards
-Zack & Jackie break up (unclear if they went on the fantasy suite date)
-Marcus and Lacy go on the fantasy suite date and stay together
-Cody & Michelle go on the fantasy suite date and stay together

From these couplings, Marcus & Lacy are currently engaged.