Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: As Zach Scrambles, Detonators Decide His Fate

Christine won the veto, what’s next?

After it was revealed that Christine won the Power of Veto, all eyes were on Zach to see how he would react. Derrick told him to play under-the-radar for the rest of the week. Cody said that he had to suck up to Nicole because if Nicole told them to vote him out and they didn’t, their games would be exposed. He said the key was getting Nicole to turn. Cody advised Zach to tell Nicole that she was no longer his target and that he can appreciate being her target since he nominated her last week. Zach said that he would tell her that Victoria is his target.

After Zach left, the Hitmen held their own meeting. Derrick said that if Christine didn’t use the veto, it would show that they could work with her and Frankie. The pair agreed that they needed to keep Zach. Cody said that they could always talk to Zach and tell him about Frankie’s duplicity to try and get him to turn on Frankie. It is clear that Cody wants to target Frankie/Christine and proposed a plan of nominating Donny and Frankie with Christine being backdoored. Derrick didn’t agree and said that staying with Frankie and Christine for now was the best move since they wouldn’t turn for at least a couple of weeks. Cody said that they had to be the ones to stab first instead of being stabbed last. Derrick also said that they could use their “alliance” with Nicole/Hayden to show Frankie that he can’t trust them.

Christine and Frankie then joined Derrick and Cody. Christine told them that she would not be using the Power of Veto. She said that she just had to convince Nicole to keep Zach. The Detonators said their best move was to stick together and said that they would have the majority if they survived the next double eviction. Privately, Derrick told Frankie that they needed Zach to make the Team America missions easier on themselves.

Derrick then chatted with Nicole. He told her Zach already knows Christine won’t be using the Power of Veto. Nicole asked Derrick for his opinion what she should ask Christine to do. Nicole said that she expected Christine to ask her to nominate Donny, but she wasn’t going to do that. Derrick said that the status quo was fine for both of them. Nicole said that she was thinking about backdooring Frankie as Christine didn’t really seem to want to send Zach home. Derrick tried to go with Zach’s plan and told Nicole that Zach told him that his target was Victoria, but Nicole didn’t buy it and said that Zach told her to her face that she is his target. Nicole said that she wanted Frankie to be the next to go.

Zach and Christine talked privately and Zach asked her if she thought Nicole wanted to send him home. Christine said that she did. Zach asked Christine to talk to Nicole on his behalf and tell her that he is not after her while Jocasta is more of a wild card.