Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Major Update, Christine Flips House Against Zach, Derrick & Cody Agree That Zach Must Go

Yesterday, things changed dramatically in the Big Brother 16 house.

Nicole started the day by assuring Donny of his safety regardless of whether the veto was used or not. Interestingly, Nicole told Donny that Christine’s plan was to tell people that Zach would not go home over Jocasta so that she would nominate Donny if the veto was used to flip the vote and send him home. This was strange as it almost seemed like she was actively throwing Christine under the bus. Nicole told Donny that Caleb, Christine, and Frankie were all after him. Donny said that Derrick was probably with them too (which Nicole didn’t seem to believe). Nicole told Donny that Christine isn’t her friend anymore because she was trying to have her distrust Hayden by telling her that Hayden and Victoria made out. Nicole asked Donny if he would vote Zach out over Jocasta and Donny said he would if that is what he/Nicole/Hayden decided to do. Donny asked Nicole about her plan to backdoor Frankie, and Nicole said that she wanted to but couldn’t tell Christine about it and that was the problem. Donny suggested to Nicole to tell Christine that she was putting him up and then blindside her by nominating Frankie. Donny told Nicole that he would sacrifice himself for the betterment of Hayden and Nicole’s games.

When Hayden and Nicole met to talk about the game, Hayden said that either Frankie or Zach had to go this week. Hayden said that most of the house presumed that Zach would be staying over Jocasta even if the veto wasn’t used. He said that they would have to pretend like Zach was staying when they knew he wasn’t. Hayden filled Nicole in on Frankie approaching him to save Zach. Nicole said that this gave her even more of a reason to target Frankie. Nicole ran Donny’s plan about lying to Christine about Donny being the replacement nominee and then shocking the house by nominating Frankie but Hayden advised her against it and said that she didn’t want to unnecessarily make an enemy out of Christine. Nicole said that she no longer trusts Christine. Hayden confirmed that his preference was to have Frankie leave ahead of Zach, but even Zach going would be good for their games. Hayden told Nicole that Zach was planning an eviction speech for Thursday where he would say that she is still his target (which only reaffirmed Nicole’s decision to get rid of him).

Derrick and Christine talked about how to best convince Nicole to keep Zach. Derrick said that he didn’t think it would mathematically hurt the Detonators if they lost Zach as they all have peripheral alliances. Christine said she would do whatever the alliance wanted her to do. She said that Zach was a good shield to have around. Frankie said that a jury member would return and so sending Zach home at this point would not be good since it was likely that he would return. Derrick asked if they had enough votes to save Zach and Frankie said that they did with Caleb. Frankie also thought Hayden would keep Zach.

Christine and Cody had a long talk and this was where the tides started to turn for the first time. Cody told Christine that he felt like she was avoiding him and now hanging out only with Frankie. Christine defended herself by saying it was hard to get rid of Frankie. When they chatted about Zach staying, both said that they didn’t think Nicole would go for it. Christine said that they have to be very careful with what they say around Zach. She told Cody that Zach told Frankie that Cody was jealous of their relationship. Cody said that he had heard that Frankie wanted him out first from the Detonators. They said that Zach was starting to become more trouble than he was worth. Christine said Zach told her and Frankie that he had a F3 deal with Derrick and Cody. This seemed to be the revelation that turned Cody against Zach.

After knocking Cody off her list, Christine continued her anti-Zach campaign with Hayden. After telling him that she wouldn’t use the veto, Christine told Hayden that she did want Zach out but didn’t want to be the sole vote against him. When Hayden asked her about Nicole being Zach’s target, Christine said that she was 99% sure that Zach was targetting Victoria. When Hayden said that he didn’t think Zach was after him, Christine told him that Zach had said that Hayden was a target but that Frankie talked him out of making a move.

Christine then talked to Nicole and confirmed that she would not be using the veto. She said that while the boys wanted Zach to stay, she had information that could change that. she said that she knew that Hayden was Zach’s next target. She also told Nicole that Zach did not speak fondly of Cody and that she could use this to swing Cody’s vote as well. Nicole seemed particularly affected by Christine’s revelation about Zach targetting Hayden. Christine said that she would talk to Zach and get exact quotes from him about Hayden to use against him. Nicole said that she didn’t want Zach to stay but knew that he would. Christine said that they would have to blindside Zach when Nicole said that she was shocked by how nice Zach was being to her. When Nicole asked Christine if Frankie tried to get her to use the veto to save Zach, she said he hadn’t. Nicole said that she was surprised because Zach/Frankie are allies (so are we Nicole!)

Cody and Derrick rehashed Cody’s conversation with Christine. When Cody told him that Christine said that Zach told her and Frankie about his F3 with Derrick and Cody, Cody said they had to send him home now. Derrick said that if they evicted Zach, they would be on the bottom. Derrick questioned why Christine was so honest with him and that it now made no sense that she wanted to backdoor one of them as Nicole had suggested. Cody said that they needed to evict Zach and he was why the alliance wasn’t working smoothly. Derrick said that Cody had sold him and that he was okay to send Zach home. Cody said that Caleb could just take Zach’s spot in the the Detonators.

Frankie and Nicole chatted and Nicole told him that Christine wasn’t going to be using the veto. Frankie said that a jury member would return to the game, so the best move would be to send a weak player home. Nicole told Frankie that just because she was targetting Zach, it didn’t mean she was targetting him. Frankie said that he is closer to other people more than he is to Zach so he would have had to turn on him at some point anyway.

Frankie and Derrick talked about Frankie’s discussion with Nicole. Frankie said that he got the vibe that Nicole knew Zach was staying. Frankie said that all Zach needed to do now was to tell Nicole that he was just making good TV and wasn’t really serious when he said he was targetting her.

Nicole and Derrick talked again and Nicole told Derrick that Frankie said that Cody and Derrick were Zach’s top two targets (huh?) She said that Frankie campaigned for Zach but that Christine has information that would turn everyone against him.

Nicole then spoke to Cody and told him that Christine said that Zach’s next target was Hayden while Frankie told her that Zach was targetting Cody and Derrick. Nicole told Cody that Christine wanted Cody or Derrick to go on the block if she used veto, but didn’t want Donny or Frankie to be the replacement nominee. Hayden and Derrick joined their conversation to make it a full Rationale Alliance meeting. They talked about how all the stories were different about Zach’s next target. Derrick said he guaranteed that Zach didn’t say any of the things people were accusing him of. Hayden said that it was just Christine pushing to get Zach out and making up whatever she had to so that she could flip the vote. Nicole said this was good because they could still get Zach out but blame Christine.

Derrick and Cody agreed that they had to talk to Christine about her telling Nicole that Zach said that he had a Final 3 with them. They agreed to play it like Zach approached them and they just said yes. Derrick said that Zach now had to go but that Hayden/Nicole and Frankie/Christine were both stringing them along. Despite this, he still wanted Zach to leave.