Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Derrick Waters Anti-Zach Seeds That Christine Planted, Questions Donny’s Loyalty To Team America, Detonators Confirm Loyalty To Each Other Without Zach

After Christine won the Power of Veto and it went unused for the first time this season, it appears there is no way out of a certain eviction for Zach on Thursday.

Yesterday started with Frankie telling Caleb that this move leaves one big target for the entire house in Donny. Caleb was still under the impression that the Bomb Squad (minus Devin and Amber would be voting as a bloc). He included Hayden instead of Christine along with himself, Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Zach (basically all of the guys minus Donny). Caleb said that his true loyalty was to Frankie, Derrick and Hayden.

Victoria told Derrick that the house was moving toward sending Zach home. Victoria told him that she believed Cody, Hayden, and Christine would all be voting to evict Zach. Derrick played it to Victoria like he didn’t know that he was in on the plan to turn the house against Zach and said they should probably vote him out as well. Victoria said that Christine was a threat because she wanted to be seen on TV as the person that everyone trusted before she eliminated them. Derrick said that he still wanted to bring Victoria to the end.

Donny and Hayden had a strategy session. Donny once again proved how aware he is of everything that is happening. He said that if they kept Zach, he would not go after them and was a big shield ahead of them. He also said that Jocasta had no chance of winning HOH, which gave them a better chance of winning but also an ally that couldn’t be counted upon to win. Hayden said he wanted to remove Zach as a number on Frankie’s side. he said that Zach agreed last night that his targets were Donny and Victoria because Frankie and Caleb wanted to take out the non-Bomb Squad members. The pair agreed that keeping Jocasta was their best move. Donny said that the core of the “other side” was Frankie, Christine, Caleb, and Derrick. Donny said that Derrick actively didn’t include him in things. Hayden said that he thought that Frankie and Christine were running the show.

Derrick told Cody that they needed to talk now that the nominations were set. Cody said that he was considering calling Christine and Frankie out for their duplicity. Derrick said this would be suicide if Christine/Frankie really were loyal to them and said that Frankie/Christine might be trashing them to others just to hide their strong alliance. Cody disagreed. He told Derrick that Christine knew that they were running the show and wants to target them.

Frankie noticed the Hitmen meeting and this raised his paranoia. He asked Derrick why they stopped talking when he got there and also said that he noticed that Hayden said he was going to nominate Victoria and Jocasta, despite Jocasta going home this week. Frankie said that he wanted to keep the Detonators together and keep Zach. Derrick told him that he was worried about Team America, because Donny didn’t seem to care about them making money in the game. Frankie said that they should take Donny out but Derrick thought that this would be slapping America in the face. Derrick said he wanted Team America to get to the end but took it personally when Donny said that he was there for Donny Thompson and not for Team America. It was at this point that Derrick started to water the seeds that Christine started planning in terms of the anti-Zach movement. Derrick told Frankie that Zach approaching him and Cody about all going to the end together. Derrick said that Zach initiated it and that Cody also didn’t believe it. Frankie said that he has Derrick’s back totally but feels as though Cody doesn’t trust him with information. Frankie was also concerned that nobody knew where Hayden’s loyalties truly lie, and everyone was vying to get him on their side.

Frankie asked Derrick again if there was a Final 3 between him/Cody/Zach and Derrick said no. Frankie couldn’t believe how good Zach was at “lying.” Frankie asked if they had a name and Derrick revealed that it was Los Tres Amigos. Frankie now knew he could trust Derrick. Derrick then suggested that they evict Zach if Frankie could’t settle his issues with Cody.

Derrick filled Cody in and said that he told Frankie about LTA and now Frankie was down to evict Zach as well. Derrick said that because Frankie knew the name of the alliance, he knew that Zach had sold them out. Derrick told him that Frankie wanted to trust him but was being played by Zach. Derrick let him know that they can now save face with both the Detonators and with Nicole. Derrick then updated Nicole to let her know that everything was working out perfectly, seeing as Frankie now also wanted to evict Zach. Nicole said that she thought this was actually because Christine had been warming Frankie up to the idea of getting rid of him. Derrick said that she must be working some magic. Nicole told Derrick that Frankie still had to go soon. Derrick agreed. She warned Derrick that Cody is Frankie’s target, but Derrick said that he expects Frankie to try to smooth things over with him now. Nicole also said that she now regained some trust in Christine once she didn’t use the veto, but still doesn’t trust her.

For Zach fans, the worst moment of the day came when Cody and Frankie met to clear their issues and decide that Zach was to blame for all of their issues. Cody said that Zach told him that Frankie wants him out first, while Frankie said that Zach revealed the LTA alliance to him. He explained that Zach told him that the LTA were all working together, and that he was on the outside. As a result, he would have to go after Cody. Frankie reaffirmed that Cody is not one of his top targets and is not a target of his at all. Frankie then blamed Zach for taking the five person Detonator alliance and splitting it up into three and two, and then pitting the two sides against each other, positioning himself in the middle. Cody agreed and said that if Zach told Christine about the Final 3, then why wouldn’t she go with Frankie and turn against them. Cody said that even through all of this, his targets haven’t changed. He said that he feels as though Donny is masterminding the other side with Hayden and Nicole.

The Hitmen decided to have another meeting where Cody expressed that he was concerned about the power Zach has in the ability blow up their games. Cody said that he could blow up the Detonators and that he could do it all in 30 seconds. Derrick used this as the reason why Zach had to be blindsided and too shocked to say anything. Cody told him that he wont change his mind about voting Zach out out of fear of Zach blowing up. Christine joined them and told them her idea about about making it a 4-4 vote so that Zach would not blow things up. They felt that it could be pretty risky to do so. Christine then pulled Nicole aside to let her know that her plan seems to have worked since Frankie and Cody now want to vote Zach out.

Derrick spoke with Christine to discuss the LTA. He told her that it wasn’t real and that Zach made it up himself so they had to go along with it. Derrick said that he had no idea that Christine and Frankie felt that they were being left out. Christine told him that she wasn’t concerned about it or else she wouldn’t have aligned with them. She then brought up her plan to make it a 4-4 vote. Derrick said that Nicole would be pissed if that happened. Christine said that the next move had to be backdooring Caleb. Derrick explained to her that it would force them to have to win back to back HoHs in order to get the numbers back if they went that route, but he would go along with her. She then said that it might be better to eliminate Donny first.

Derrick told Cody that he plans to nominate Victoria and Jocasta, in the hopes of backdooring Donny. Cody wondered if Hayden and Nicole would question why they aren’t targeting Frankie. Derrick said that it would be easy to convince them, just by saying that Frankie was now alone without Zach and could be eliminated at anytime. They discussed that they can reel Caleb in eventually for a Final 3 deal, even telling him that Frankie was making things up about Amber. Both said that they needed Caleb for their long term game.

Derrick pointed out that Donny has Hayden and Nicole in his back pocket. Cody agreed. Cody caught Hayden studying the days with Donny earlier in the day, feeding him all of the information. Cody said that Donny is the mastermind out of those three, and that Christine is likely working with Frankie but is playing everyone. Cody said that it was completely possible that Christine and Nicole still could be together and are working two separate sides of the house (a very astute observation despite it not being true).

Derrick said that the Hitmen are in the best situation they could have right now. They have two separate alliances and can eliminate Zach with no blood. Derrick said that he wanted them in the Final 3 with Caleb, Victoria or Jocasta. That is his ideal Final 5.