Blu-ray Review: The Legend of Korra (Book Two: Spirits)

The Legend of Korra is Nickelodeon’s successful follow up series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series features Korra, a teenager with the ability to bend the elements. She’s still learning her powers. She’s also learning about life. Book Two: Spirits returns Korra to her family’s home of the Southern Water. During her visit, she finds herself in the midst of battle between the North and the South. She wants to restore the peace over the course of 14 episodes.

While the show did well on Nickelodeon, the channel recently shifted Book Three over to their website for a variety of confusing reasons. Somehow the show does amazing numbers when being streamed. It seemed Nickelodeon wasn’t sure what to do with an animated show that wasn’t quite as goofy as SpongeBob SquarePants and Fairly Odd Parents. The main issue seemed to be that five year olds can’t get into the show. Well that’s not the case in my house. Here’s my daughter’s review of The Legend of Korra – Book Two: Spirits.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic. The high definition transfer brings out the artistry of the series. The audio is DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. The mix brings out the bending action. There’s also a Spanish dub track in Dolby Digital 2.0. The episodes are subtitled.

Audio Commentaries are provided for each episode. The participants include creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko along with screenwriters. They do a fine job letting fans understand the creative process.

Scene Bending is over an hour’s worth of footage going from storyboards to final animation.

Inside the Book of Spirits allows DiMartino and Konietzo to discuss how things go together for the second season.

Kindred Spirits: Tenzin’s Family explores siblings issues.

Feuding Spirits: Korra’s Family gives insight’s to our heroine’s home life.

The Re-Telling of Korra’s Journey summarizes the show so far.

The Legend of Korra: Book Two: Spirits elevates the level of entertainment offered by Nickelodeon. This is an animated show that is as engrossing for kids as the adults. Korra’s second great adventure has her master her powers and emotions in a frozen climate.

Paramount and Nickelodeon present The Legend of Korra: Book Two: Spirits. Starring: Janet Varney, John Michael Higgins, Aubrey Plaza, James Remar and Steven Yeun. Boxset Contents: 14 episodes on 2 Blu-rays. Released: July 1, 2014.

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