Even With Upcoming Match Against Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones Has Eyes On Rematch With Alexander Gustafsson

While Jon Jones is scheduled to take on Daniel Cormier at UFC 178, he clearly still has his eyes on Alexander Gustafsson.

The light heavyweight champion went on the record on Monday and said that after he defeats Cormier, a rematch against the Swede is the only fight that makes sense.

“I feel that I have something to prove to the MMA community when it comes to Gustafsson,” Jones said on yesterday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I wasn’t able to perform to my greatest ability [in their first fight], so I do owe Gustafsson a severe beating.”

‘Bones’ as he is commonly referred to heard a lot of criticism after his decision win over Gustafsson. Jones compared the Gustafsson situation to his well-documented issues with Chael Sonnen.

“I’m excited to silence some critics,” Jones said. “You know, the Chael Sonnen situation with UFC 151, beating him after canceling UFC 151 was the greatest feeling I’ve ever had. I’m excited to have a similar feeling when I official close off the Alexander Gustafsson chapter.”


Source: MMAFighting.com