The Following Spoilers: Season 3 To Focus On Ryan Hardy Instead Of Joe Carroll, New Killer Villain Will Take Awhile To Appear

No Joe Carroll? No problem.

While many Following fans have wondered if their favorite show can exist with Joe Carroll no longer serving as the villain of the series, the show’s producers and cast joined TVLine for a recent interview where they previewed what to expect in the third season.

With regard to the establishment of a new series villain, EP Jennifer Johnson revealed that one would appear but that said bad guy or girl would take awhile to appear.

“We’re going to jump a year ahead,” Johnson said. “The main change is that the shark will be under the water so it may take a few episodes before you understand fully who that might be.”

Showrunner Kevin Williamson said that the storyline would change in that the show would be even more of a mystery than it has in the last two seasons.

“We got a mystery going this year, a mystery brewing about what’s happening and what’s not,” he said. “Who’s behind what. Who’s doing what. Who’s who. There’s a big guessing game. It is a web of intrigue that all starts to become clear as it unfolds.”

Williamson continued by saying that while the absence of Joe Carroll would be felt, the show would now become Ryan Hardy centric.

“Joe Carroll has sort of resolved itself in the first two chapters of our show and now we have a chapter 3 which launches a brand new story and another chapter in Ryan Hardy’s life.”

As for the show’s supporting characters, some will find themselves in completely new positions.

Johnson said that the death of Mark’s twin brother would have a profound effect on him in the new season.

“Mark is going to come back in a whole new fashion and look for him in episode 1 and you will find him in a very surprising location,” she said.

As for fan favourite Mike, Shawn Ashmore revealed that while he is happy about his new relationship, he will continue to be consumed by the death of his dad.

“Mike is still going to be very affected by the loss of his father and the bloodlust he has for the Grey family,” Ashmore said. “What I think is going to be really interesting is that Mike all of a sudden has this new positive influence in his life which is a relationship. I don’t think the relationship will ever be easy for these two just based on the experiences that they have had and the life that they have lived so far and I think Mike is still dealing with a lot of the trauma of the past two years essentially.”