Earth 2 World’s End Prelude: Earth 2 #26 Spoilers & Review With Val Zod Vs. Superman, Aquawoman Saves Batman From Darkseid’s Warriors & More DC Comics New 52

The march to Earth 2: World’s End continues in Earth 2 #26 which is also artist Nicola Scott’s final issue of the series. While the upcoming World’s End weekly series (villians for the weeky series were revealed today) will only be about six months, it still has its own compelling teaser puzzle image (spoilers here).

The current battle set to conclude this week – with war still on the horizon – for the soul of Earth 2 is also important to the DC Comics’ multiverse (huge map of it here) as Val Zod finally assumes his destiny as Earth 2’s new black Superman.

The core developments over the last issues have been the following:

  • Earth 2 #23: The battle between an evil Superman and his presumed dead heroic wife Lois Lane as Red Tornado reached creepy proportions with Ma and Pa Kent (spoilers here). We also saw Darkseid’s forces take on Earth 2’s “Wonders” including a brand new Batman (Bruce Wayne’s father Thomas Wayne who has super-powers and honors his dead son through his heroic action) from the previous Earth 2 #22 (spoilers here).
  • Earth 2 #24: This issue had the in-comic reveal of Val-Zod’s true DC Comics New 52 true destiny (spoilers here).
  • Earth 2 #25: The book carried right on from that impressive cliffhanger with Val Zod vs. Superman and Aquawoman outshining the new Earth 2 Batman in a big way (spoilers here).

Spoilers and capsule review for Earth 2 #26 follow.

You have been warned!

The free preview for the issue reveals the battle continuing between the forces of Earth 2 and Darkseid’s hordes.

Once we get into the issue, what follows is frenetic and action-packed.

Aquawoman seemingly saves Mister Terrific, Mister Miracle and Terry Sloan from the clutches of Darkseid’s Bedlam and seems to close the gaping Boom Tube set to swallow Earth 2! Batman was some interesting “backseat” moments throughout.

We also have the culmination of the battle between Val Zod and Superman…. however it doesn’t appear it was Superman at all, but…

… Earth 2 Bizarro! How cool is that? An Earth 2 Bizarro destroyed by Lois Lane Earth 2’s Red Tornado.

Earth 2 #26 ends with what appears to be the set up to Earth 2 World’s End. It may also set up writer Geoff John’s upcoming event: Darkseid War.

However, in the epilogue, it all sets up next month’s 5 years into the future Earth 2: Futures End #1 and its nifty 3D cover (more here).

Writer Tom Taylor has done an amazing job with this title since James Robinson departed. Nicola Scott has also continued to be consistently breathtaking in her art even through the tumultuous transition between writers. I wish her well on her future projects and hope the future art team lives up Nicola Scott’s high bar for art.

I’m really excited to see Earth 2 plunged into World’s End and read the weekly series and the main Earth 2 title. This is a series where anything can happen – and does – because it’s not the New 52’s prime Earth, and I’m ok with that.

Earth 2 #26 is an excellent read and highly recommended.

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