SUITS Spoilers: Mike Ross Lands Back At Pearson Specter, Will Jessica & Louis Welcome Him With Open Arms?

In one of the best seasons of SUITS since its initial season, last week’s episode saw Mike effectively break-up with Rachel and return to Pearson Specter after Louis used his one favour with Jessica.

The question is whether he will be welcomed back with open arms when he returns and according to Patrick J. Adams, it will be a mixed reaction, specifically in the cases of Jessica and Louis.

“It’s different for every character,” Adams told TVLine in a recent interview about who wants him back at the firm. “Obviously, Jessica, being the head of the firm, is going to have a vested interest in keeping Mike Ross out of that firm and not wanting to accept him back. So Mike has an uphill battle with her. Harvey, on the other hand, wants him back really badly. He realizes that he’s better at his job when he has Mike around and that he wants him back and he wants him to be OK. Louis and Mike are always going to be going back and forth… Ultimately, no matter what Mike’s done, we know he’s a moral character and he’s really just trying to learn and grow and be the best person that he knows how to be. Sometimes, he’s going to trip up like all of us. That’s what we’ve done this season, but towards the end of this season, you’re already beginning to see Mike come back into focus and be on the right side of the fence again and doing what he does best, which is helping Harvey do what he does and getting the firm back on track.”