SUITS Spoilers: Mike To Receive Promotion At Pearson Specter, Will He Continue To Be Harvey’s Roommate?

Patrick J. Adams recently offered some juicy tidbits about what is coming up on SUITS for the rest of the season.

Initially, he spoke about the fact that his character, Mike Ross, will now be getting more responsibility at the firm, considering how he held his own against Harvey in their recent showdowns.

“They’re back on the same side, but there’s also been eight episodes of Mike really going toe-to-toe with Harvey. Even though at the end of the day he lost this battle, he’s proven that he can hold his own against Harvey. There were a lot of little battles along the way that he kept winning that Harvey did not expect him to. So that changes their dynamic a little bit and might make Harvey trust Mike a little more, give him more responsibility,” Adams said. “[They have] less of a mentorship relationship and more of a real partnership where, slowly, they’re becoming more equal.”

The actor also discussed whether he would reestablish himself as Harvey’s only associate, a position that his ex has maintained since his absence from the firm.

“We kind of sidestep it a little bit. When he does return, it’s made clear that Rachel is still in that power position with Harvey and she’s still doing a lot of that work. Obviously, Mike is going to end up getting the brunt of it because they’re the team and Harvey trusts Mike implicitly,” Adam said. “Moving forward, Mike will also be getting cases from other people and his responsibility, in general, is going to be upped a little bit. And of course, he’s always got to be watching his back and making sure he’s not leaving room open for Jessica to get him out of there. That’s the danger he always lives with. You’re going to find that there are larger threats outside the firm that force everybody to come together and work together rather than try and fight between each other.”

Finally, Adams discussed whether his rooming arrangement with his boss will continue and apparently that is addressed in tonight’s episode.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are a couple of really good scenes where we deal directly with that in this next episode and we get to see how Harvey really feels about their relationship. We begin to see what the next steps for Rachel and Mike are going to be. There’s a lot of interesting stuff to be played there in the wake of a betrayal. These are two people that have been really doing nothing but falling in love for the past few years. Now, you’re going to get to see them faced with something that a lot of relationships in the real world are faced with. So I won’t tell you where he’s sleeping at night. You’ll get a lot of interesting stuff in the next couple of episodes.”