Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Most Shocking Night In Big Brother History, Detonators Reunite To Save Zach On Caleb’s Suggestion

The most shocking night in Big Brother history.

Last night and into early this morning, the Big Brother house flipped in one of the most shocking vote switches in the show’s history. All week, BB16 fans have been singing a song of woe as the Detonators and The Rationale alliances all seemed to be on the same page in sending Zach home over Jocasta tonight.

All that changed in an instant last night and it all started with the most unlikely of sources. Here’s what went down.

After the feed returned, Zach was talking to Nicole in the HoH room and asked the current HOH if she wanted him gone this week. Nicole thought it was funny that he even had to ask because she had made it so obvious. She told him that it was because he had told so many people that he wanted her out. Zach said that he is never serious and joked that it was just because he had a crush on her. He then said that she was never his target for real. Nicole pointed out that he said that before and then put her up. Zach said that he only did that so he could backdoor Caleb or Amber. He apologized for hurting her feelings with his speech, saying that he only did it because he had no reason to nominate either of them so he had to think of something crazy. Zach (completely unaware that he was likely going home in a unanimous vote) let Nicole know that he will be staying but she is not his target.

Meanwhile, in the Beehive room, Caleb began the ‘Save Zach’ movement single-handedly. He started talking to Frankie and told him that Zach was the devil they knew and that they could predict what he would do while none of them really had a read on Jocasta. Caleb said that he didn’t mind voting Zach out but that it was obvious to him that they were losing a number on their side of they kept Jocasta. Frankie said that Zach had pissed people off to the point where it couldn’t be fixed. In the meantime, Derrick started talking about how the house had paired off. It was him/Cody, Nicole/Hayden, Frankie/Christine, Donny/Jocasta. If they voted Zach out and then eliminated Christine or Frankie, it would leave Nicole and Hayden with Donny and Jocasta.

Frankie disturbed the intense talk between Cody and Derrick. Derrick left and Christine entered. Frankie started to tell Christine and Cody about what Caleb told him. That they were actively removing one of their own numbers if they voted Zach out. Frankie attempted to solidify a solid four-pact with Derrick/Cody/Christine/himself and that they could use Caleb and Hayden as their extra votes.

Derrick started talking to himself and the feedsters and said that he wanted to talk to Cody alone but that Frankie kept interrupting them. Derrick said that he was going to make a move tonight and that he was going to start shifting the vote because he was not going to do the dirty work for someone else. He said that tonight, the Hitmen would decide what to do. When Derrick finally got Cody alone, he said that Frankie was trying to protect Nicole and Hayden and that their best move would be to tell Frankie that they wanted to backdoor him. He said they can either play both sides, or regroup the Detonators and keep him. Derrick described how he didn’t trust Nicole to his partner-in-crime and that they would have 3 solid votes if Zach was still around and loyal. Derrick said he wanted to keep Zach and was immediately called to the diary room.

Cody had a deep conversation with Christine. He told her that he heard from many people that her and Frankie were targetting him and Derrick. He told her that her that Hayden and Nicole have told him and Derrick everything that Christine and Frankie have been telling them. He also told her that Nicole planned to backdoor Frankie if she had used the veto. Cody told her about the Rationale alliance with the idea of getting Frankie and Christine out next. Christine seemed genuinely shocked by Nicole’s betrayal. Cody said that it was time to send Jocasta home to send a message to Hayden and Nicole. Christine said that she wanted to keep Zach now! They agreed that Donny was the one who was pulling Hayden and Nicole’s strings.

Frankie entered and all three started talking about saving Zach. Cody said they were playing Nicole and Hayden’s game. He said that they could easily save Zach with the four Detonator votes plus Caleb’s. Derrick came out of the conversation and it was a full Detonator meeting (minus Zach who was sleeping). Derrick asked Frankie and Christine if they were done playing games. He said that they were keeping Zach and keeping their numbers. This would give them a 7-2 advantage in the HOH and they would only have to beat Hayden and Donny (assuming they could control Victoria and giving Jocasta no shot). They said that Zach would not nominate them and they could still work with him while Jocasta would not at all. Cody said that Donny or Nicole had to go next.

Caleb then joined the Detonators making it a Bomb Squad reunion. Frankie said that he was the voice of reason and that he saved their alliance. Derrick told him that they were being played by Hayden, Nicole, and Donny so this way they could all join together to beat them in the HoH. Caleb asked about Victoria and Derrick said he had her in his pocket. He said he will prove it when the vote comes out 6-2. Caleb couldn’t believe that Hayden would vote Zach out and Derrick said he would for sure. The Bomb Squad said they had to tell everyone else that Zach was the target. Derrick’s plan to convince Victoria to vote with them was for them to tell her that Hayden said he would nominate her and Jocasta.

The Detonators plus Caleb decided that they were NOT going to tell Hayden and Nicole about the switch and blindside them. Cody said he couldn’t wait to see Nicole’s face when she found out.

Hayden finally caught up to Frankie and asked if the plan was still good to evict Zach. Frankie said it was going to be a unanimous vote (lying). Frankie said he was still worried about how to handle Zach blowing up on his way out. At the same time, Derrick and Jocasta prayed together and Derrick told her she would be fine. Jocasta said she thought it would be tie vote with Nicole breaking the tie. Derrick told her to talk to Nicole so Jocasta went to the HoH room and Nicole told her that she had her vote if it was a tie.

Frankie and Caleb finally updated Zach. Frankie told his Zankie partner that Hayden and Nicole were working to get him out unanimously. Frankie said that they will save him and blindside Hayden, Nicole and Donny at the vote. He said the vote would either be 5-3 or 6-2 depending on what Victoria decided to do. Caleb informed Zach that Hayden/Nicole were trying to get the Bomb Squad to cannibalize themselves. Derrick told Zach that he is safe and he will get Victoria’s vote. Zach said he was worried about Christine and Frankie told him to stop saying that and she was in.

Derrick told Zach that they would justify blindsiding Donny/Nicole/Hayden by saying they wanted to keep bigger threat as a shield and made Zach swear he wouldn’t say anything. He thanked them. Derrick said if he won HOH, to just nominate Hayden, Donny, and Nicole as one of those three needed to leave.

Unbelievable. Truly.