Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Abbie Casting Election Vote Marks Important Moment In Series (And History)

If you can’t sleep until you get some Sleepy Hollow spoilers, you are in luck.

TVLine is reporting that when the show returns and Abbie goes to vote in a November election, Ichabod makes a note of what an important event it is in history according to EP Mark Goffman. “Crane, seeing how our society has gotten to the point where [blacks] can actually vote, and having a point of view about that fact that no one is at the polling station. And also the fact that Abbie can vote. It took two constitutional amendments before Abbie got the right to vote.”

The episode will also offer a much more profound message about society and how far it has reached to allow a woman to vote, and will serve as a historical nod as well (in addition to moving the Sleepy Hollow plotline.