The Flash Spoilers: Show To Include Full Rogues, Wentworth Miller To Lead As Captain Cold

It looks like Barry Allen will have a lot of enemies when The Flash debuts on The CW on October 4.

Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller has been added to the show as Leonard Snart / Captain Cold and will debut in the fourth episode of the season.

In addition, the show is also searching for someone to fill the role of Tony Woodward / Girder who makes his debut in the show’s sixth episode of the season. In the DC Comics, Woodward was a steelworker who after being dunked in a vat of molten metal that had been tainted by S.T.A.R. Labs waste emerged as a mass of iron, impervious to most anything… except rust.

The show also recently announced the casting of Rake‘s Kelly Frye as Plastique (an explosives expert who has the ability to make just about anything into a bomb per the comics). As a result, it looks like the show will be sticking to the comics for the most part as it assembles a full team of Rogues.

The show also recently confirmed Stephen Amell’s cousin, Robbie Amell, as Ronnie Raymond (fiance of S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Caitlin Snow) and John Wesley Shipp who played the title role in the original Flash series in the 90s as Barry’s dad.