Big Brother 16Live Feed Spoilers: Double Eviction Aftermath, Who Won HOH, Zankie Breaks Up As Zach Learns Of Frankie’s Betrayal

After one of the most memorable live shows in recent memory which saw Jocasta and Hayden both leave, all eyes were on Nicole when the feeds resumed.

An upset Nicole immediately went to Zach and told him that Frankie had been pushing for him to leave all week. Frankie lied and said nothing was flipped and that he was going to keep Zach the entire time. Zach asked her what she would have done if she had won the POV instead of Christine and Nicole told him that she was “told” to nominate Derrick or Cody. Nicole also grilled Christine and asked her if this was her plan the entire time.

Zach openly started to mock Nicole, asking her if she wanted to start an alliance so they could make up lies about people. Nicole told Zach that she didn’t like him and was not going to pretend anymore. She began to cry and told Zach to leave her alone and stop saying her name.

Christine and Nicole then talked out their differences. Christine claimed that she got played and Nicole said that she was fully aware that she was the next target. Christine suggested that they figure out who put them against each other. Christine said that her and Frankie were ready to evict Zach last night until they were approached. She told Nicole that Cody talked to her and that’s when the tide began to turn. Nicole seemed shocked that Cody was the rat. Nicole said that Christine was the only one she had in the house now and she would not nominate her if she won HOH. Nicole apologized for calling Christine out in front of everyone to end the conversation.

Zankie started talking and Frankie told Zach that Cody told him that Zach is the one who told him that he was Frankie’s target. Zach said no one in the alliance trusted him anymore. Frankie said that he still trusted him and that now they needed each other more since lines had been drawn. Cody joined the Zankie conversation and Frankie and Cody told Zach that they knew he was telling them things about the other. Zach said it was only because he loved them all and couldn’t say no to any of their alliance offers. Cody said he believed him. Frankie said that the Detonators would die again if Zach kept questioning Christine. That’s when Beast Mode Cowboy piped up and said that he didn’t trust Christine and pointed to the fact that she had just been talking to Nicole for so long. He said that she was talking to the enemy. Caleb said that he thinks that Christine and Nicole have been working together the entire time.

When Frankie left, Cody told Zach that most of Nicole’s accusations were true. Cody and Derrick both told Zach that Frankie told them that Zach couldn’t be trusted and told him about the Los Tres Amigos alliance. Cody told Zach to just watch who always broke up strategy talks, inferring that it was Frankie. Zach admitted that he had been played like a fool by Frankie and Christine and that Frankie is probably trashing him in the diary room.

Right on cue (couldn’t have been scripted better), Frankie broke up Cody and Zach’s chat and told them that he didn’t want to be grouped with Christine. Zankie then talked again and Zach told Frankie that he was nothing but loyal to him but that Frankie still wanted him evicted. Christine entered and the trio reaffirmed their Final 3. Zach told Christine that she had pissed other Detonators off by running off to talk to Nicole.

Cody and Zach talked again and Cody told Zach that Frankie and Christine were trying to get him or Derrick put up next to Zach. Cody said that Frankie told him that Zach was targeting Cody. Zach denied the allegation.

Zach then told Cody that Frankie approached him about a Final 3 with Christine with a plan of eliminating Cody at the Final 5. Cody then told both Zach and Derrick that he wanted Christine gone next.

Nicole and Derrick then talked. Nicole told Derrick that she believed Cody flipped the votes and she no longer can work with him but can work with Derrick. Derrick said that once he found out the vote had flipped, he didn’t want to risk being on the outside. Nicole told Derrick that she still wanted F2 with him and that she would have even chosen Derrick for the F2 over Hayden because she made her alliance with Derrick first.

The feeds stopped for the HOH competition.

When they returned, Nicole and Christine were the two new HOHs. Nicole immediately told Zach that he wasn’t her target. Los Tres Amigos had a meeting and Cody said that he was no longer going to work with Frankie and Christine if he made it through the week. Derrick said that he didn’t care who was nominated as long as no one in the Detonators threw someone else from the Detonators under the bus.

In the meantime, Christine told Frankie that she would have to nominate either Zach or Caleb.

Nicole and Christine had their first HOH meeting. They agreed that they wouldn’t backdoor or nominate each other. Frankie interrupted their talk and told Nicole that he was with her up until he heard that he was the one she was planning on backdooring. Frankie said that Cody/Derrick/Caleb/Zach were all together and were now done with her and Christine after Hayden called them out in his ‘Save Me’ speech on the live show. Frankie said the three of them and Donny had no one and that he could control Victoria’s vote. Frankie said he would vote out any guy that they wanted.

Nicole and Christine said that needed each other in the game and that Cody couldn’t be relied upon. Nicole seemed obsessed with the fact that Cody lied to her. Christine said that she also didn’t like Cody for lying. Nicole proposed that Christine nominate Donny and she could nominate Victoria. Christine said the other two nominees had to be Caleb and Zach which would leave them the option of backdooring Cody. Christine seemed to love this idea. They decided that Christine would nominate Zach and Nicole would nominate Caleb. Nicole shockingly said that she liked Zach the most out of all the guys. Christine said their goal was to not have Victoria on the block so that a guy would definitely leave on Thursday.

Christine told Frankie the plan was for her to nominate Donny/Zach and Nicole to nominate Caleb/Victoria. Frankie asked if they would backdoor Cody. Christine said yes.

Nicole and Zach had a long talk. Nicole promised that she wouldn’t nomiante Zach and that as strange as it sounded, they needed to work together. Nicole told Zach that he would not go up as a replacement nominee. They both agreed that they did not trust any of the others. Zach said that everyone tried to get him out while Nicole agreed and said that everyone blindsided her.