Inspired By Teammate Georges St-Pierre, Mark Bocek Says He Retired Because Of Drug Problem In MMA

Mark Bocek’s retirement surprised many in the MMA community, but at least now we know why he left the Octagon.

Like his teammate Georges St. Pierre, he says it was partly to do with not wanting to compete against opponents on performance enhancing drugs anymore.

“I’ve gone through a lot of injuries. The sport is highly evolved and I’m not interested in competing against fighters on PED’s any longer,” Bocek said on UFC Tonight.

Bocek clearly believes in his cause as he is leaving on a winning note, after finishing with a 12-4 record with 8 of those wins coming in the UFC.

From his conditioning, it appears that Bocek could still compete at a professional level and this gives credence to the BJJ blackbelt saying that the PED issue in MMA had to be addressed. He echoed the same sentiment as his Tristar gym teammate in Georges St-Pierre who relinquished his title and took a hiatus from the sport.

Bocek didn’t go into detail, but there have been a recent string of PED scandals in MMA as of late, with several fighters being in right in the middle of it. These include Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, Ali Bagautinov, Kevin Casey, Robert Drysdale, and Dennis Siver.

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