Luciano Azevedo Returns To Ring After 3-Year Hiatus, Remains Only Man To Defeat Jose Aldo

It’s been three years since Luciano Azevedo competed in a MMA match, but that inactivity comes to an end in August.

Azevedo, who is best known for being the only man to defeat UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, is set to compete again at the Shooto Brazil 49 – Fight for BOPE 4 card on Aug. 24 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, against Jeferson dos Santos.

The luta livre fighter last fought in a unanimous draw against Diego Braga in 2011, and has served as a police officer since. He currently works at the Jacarezinho favela, one of the most dangerous favelas in the city.

“It’s tough, you saw how the community is,” Azevedo told in 2013 about his work. “I work twice a week in a 24-hour shift, but you get used to that. The police are here in the community, but we know that there are still a lot of drug dealers living here. People ask for your help to solve everything. We have work to do 24-7, the favela never sleeps.”

The Shooto card takes place at the Tijuca Tenis Clube gymnasium. The main event is scheduled to be a welterweight title fight between undefeated Luiz Gustavo Dutra da Silva, the younger brother of UFC fighter Luiz Dutra, and former Shooto welterweight champion and Bellator fighter Carlos Alexandre Pereira.