Mark Hunt Says He Is Unemployed Despite Being Scheduled To Face Roy Nelson, Blames ‘Hunger’ For Accidental Tweet

File this under strange.

Heavyweight Mark Hunt recently tweeted that he was ‘unemployed’ leaving fans to wonder if he had been fired by UFC ahead of his scheduled UFC Fight Night bout against Roy Nelson in Saitama, Japan.

Not my choice guys but going from being exited at the prospects of the future of fighting to being unemployed in a day lol this sucks

When a fan asked UFC president to offer further details about Hunt’s supposed pink slip, Dana White didn’t mince words.

@Chubfishswe @ufc that’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

Not wanting to raise the ire of his boss any longer, Hunt later ‘explained’ the tweet by saying that he was just looking for some food.

Looking forward to japan sept 20 troops sorry about unemployment tweet I was hungry no carbs