Orphan Black Spoilers: Is Felix A Clone? How Was Mark Chosen To Be ‘The Guy’ Bosses Speak Out About Season 3

The masterminds behind Orphan Black have opened up with some new details about the show’s third season.

TVLine sat down with executive producers Graeme Manson & John Fawcett to discuss what the Clone Club can expect when the show returns.

John Fawcett explained the overall story arc of the new season:

“We’re telling kind of the mystery puzzle of Sarah Manning and her clone sisters,” Fawcett said. “Project Castor is another part of the mystery.”

The pair also talked about the thought process behind choosing Mark (Ari Millen) as the new clone and said that it took awhile to finalize him as the choice. They said that they were receiving pressure from the fans to turn Felix into a clone just because of the character’s immense popularity but they knew it couldn’t be him.

“Felix was too obvious for us and he’s so singular,” Manson said.

Fawcett explained the long process that went behind choosing Millen.

“I think that we probably thought that we would just cast someone new. That we would find just a new person. As the season kind of developed and we were trying to figure that out, we realized that that just wasn’t going to be that satisfying. We started to really look inward at the assets we already had,” he said. “Ari Millen was cast as Mark at the beginning of Season 2 and was sort of slated to die partway through the season. We just kept being mesmerized by the work that he was doing and kind of went s*** we can’t kill this guy. And then we kind of went. Wait a second…”

His co-exec said that the one thing they were sure of was how the second clone was to be revealed, even before they had selected Mark to be the guy.

“We just realized from a purely storyline point of view that the face that Sarah sees at the end is the same face that sits across from her at the diner in the opening sequence. We liked what that did for the shape of this season.”

In case you haven’t seen it, I asked Ari Millen what he thought about playing a clone on the series before he was revealed as one in the season finale.


Source: TVLine.com