Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Who Is Eliminated Tonight? Which Contestant Had Secret Affair With Sound Guy? Who Quits The Show??!

It’s Bachelor In Paradise Monday, and you know what that means… spoiler time!

Last week, RealitySteve hit the bullseye once again, by predicting that Ben would save Sarah and eliminate Daniella with his final rose.

For tonight’s episode, the women will be giving out the roses while the men will be asking the girls on dates.

Incoming dates:

Chris with Elise
Zack with Clare

House dates:

Dylan with Sarah (cave diving)
Marquel with Michelle (horseback riding)

Now for the real drama. The preview indicated an ambulance being involved in this episode and Chris Harrison frantically knocking on Michelle Kujawa’s door. The reason for this will become clear in tonight’s episode. the foreshadowing started in last week’s season premiere when Michelle indicated that she might already be in a relationship. After her voluntary exit last week, Michelle was caught with one of the show’s audio engineers in her room. Afraid of being caught, the sound technician reportedly jumped off a balcony and broke both of his legs and feet.

Also during this episode, Marcus finds a note in Ben’s suitcase from a girlfriend back home and when he is confronted about it, Ben decides to leave.

Finally, the arrival of Chris Bukowski stirs up major drama as he hooks up with Elise immediately causing tension between him and Dylan. As a result, Dylan asks Sarah on a date instead. Dylan also threatens Elise by telling her not to give him her rose during the rose ceremony.

Here’s Steve’s breakdown of the rose ceremony.

Rose ceremony:

Michelle to Marquel
Lacy to Marcus
Clare to Zack
AshLee to Graham
Elise gives her rose to Dylan, but he stays true to his word and rejects it. Instead, she gives it to Chris. The decision ends up costing Dylan as Sarah screws him over and gives her rose to Robert instead, resulting in Dylan’s exit.