JR Blog: Major Autobiography Details, Criticizes WWE Booking of Ambrose/Rollins

Jim Ross posted a weekend blog before Raw tonight, here are some highlights:

on Ambrose vs Rollins:
Speaking of Summer Slam, the Ambrose vs. Rollins match which I think should start the PPV is a Lumberjack Match. Why? Does this match really need a stipulation? How about a stip to where the two, talented, hungry, young stars WRESTLE until someone wins? Plus, the ‘leaked info’ says that Miz vs. Ziggler for the IC Title is scheduled to have only 10 minutes to transact their business. That can’t be correct, can it??

on his two-part autobiography!
working on my autobiography with Scott Williams Wednesday thru Saturday while basing out of the Sooner Legends Hotel and Suites at I-35 and Lindsey. Let’s fire up the grill….

Scott, who’s an author and attorney by trade along with being a former Marine who served in Desert Storm, and I got a great deal of work done but we have miles to travel before we make a viable dent in our project. I’m guessing we will be done if we are lucky by year’s end and then the editing and business aspects of the process will begin which would hopefully make the book available by the summer of 2015.

I’ve kept TV formats, notes and various emails, text messages, etc from the Watts days through the WWE days so the book will be unique in that regard plus Scott will be interviewing between 75-100 people for it as well. Many of my yellow, legal pads that I took notes on over the years have some real nuggets on them that I had long forgotten.

Hopefully, no marriages or professional embarrassments will be adversely affected with the publishing of this book. (BTW…that was a joke. Sort of…)

This is a project that has been a long time coming and we have no deadline to complete it so we are going to take our time, do our research and write the best book that we can. The first book will take the reader through my days growing up in rural Oklahoma when I became a wrestling fan, how I backed into the business w/ Watts and McGuirk, navigating the wild and crazy days of the territories as a 20 something year old kid off the farm, the UWF sell out to JCP, WCW days and departure, and culminating with one of the most emotional moments of my career to that point.

The second book has been laid out and picks up the story in the mid 90’s through my WWE exit in 2014.

Check out the full blog at JR’s BBQ

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