Parenthood Spoilers: Show’s Boss Offers Details About How Series Will End, Details One A Final Family-Centric Storyline

We all know that NBC decided to rescue Parenthood and bring the show back for one final season where all loose ends can be tied up. Now we know a little bit more about these ends will be knotted.

Showrunner Jason Katims recently talked to TVGuide about how he plans on wrapping things up and offered details about one final ‘family-centric’ storyline for the Bravermans.

“We wanted to have a strong central story that would bring everybody together, that would touch everybody in the show,” Katims said. “I felt like the one thing that was sort of similar was [Kristina’s] breast cancer story line in Season 4, but I think that this one has the weight of that, but will actually even be more impactful on the entire cast.”

While the show’s boss didn’t offer many more details about what this ‘central story’ would be, he did say that it would highlight a “changing of the guard” within the Braverman family hieraarchy.

“One of the things that I feel this show is about is about the generations in a family,” Katims said. “We want to do a story that shows what winds up happening in life when our four adult siblings get to a certain point where they’re getting to be middle-aged and they’re getting to that point where the tables are starting to turn a little bit. We hinted at it in the last episode of last season of Adam sort of becoming the patriarch of the family.”