Sideshowbob’s Slant: Clearing the Logjam at WWE SummerSlam

WWE has a way of proving me wrong. A lot. Logic tells me one thing should happen, but no, that’s now what they have in mind. So here we are with Summerslam here and I again find what I want to see at odds with what’s the likely result… So what if…

What if (kayfabe) Brock Lesnar beats John Cena and injures him into retirement. Brock gets another notch, possibly gains his momentum back, but can still stay defending at PPVs only. Cena, like an angry turd, is cleared from log jamming the top. There is no Cena beating Flair’s reign. There is room at the top for others finally. He can fall on his sword in battle, and to the same person who ended Takers streak.

Eat, Sleep, Break The Streak, Retire Cena

That’s my idea, although I’m likely to be proven wrong…

Until next time,

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