Vitor Belfort Expects Chris Weidman To Wrestle In UFC 181 Showdown, Says Champ Would Be ‘Crazy’ To Try Striking Battle

The next fighter in line for a shot at the middleweight champion, doesn’t think the current belt-holder is stupid enough to try trading strikes with him.

Vitor Belfort doesn’t think that Chris Weidman will try to stand against him and expects the champion to take the match to the ground both early and often.

Vitor Belfort doesn’t think that Chris Weidman will have the confidence to fight standing in their upcoming title bout at UFC 181, on December 6. According to “The Phenom”, to win his “third world title” he promised in an interview to Ag. Fight that he will explore the flaws that he sees in the game from the UFC Middleweight champion.

“He will fight standing against me only if he’s crazy,” Belfort said in an interview with Ag. Fight. “I’m ready to have a third world title at a third different weight class. I see a lot of openings from him and I’m studying this game since last year. I’m not focusing in his strengths but in his weaknesses and we saw that he has a lot.”

Belfort also pointed to his experience as being one of the key reasons why he feels he will be crowned as the new champion.

“Motivates me the fact that I’m at this sport for almost two decades, training and fighting at a high level. Today I can ally the talent that I received from God with maturity and experience,” he said. “I have gained my spot in different weight classes an this is something that nobody can take away from you.”

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