All-New Marvel Now’s Original Sin #7 And #8 Spoilers And Preview: The Comics Story Of Nick Fury Sr. Vs. The Watcher Revealed?


Original Sin #7 hit stands this Wednesday August 13, 2014 while Original Sin #8 lands at the end of the month on Wednesday August 27, 2014. Here is what you need to know before I get into the spoilers and previews for each issue.

Spoilers follow for events leading up to this week’s Original Sin #7. You have been warned!

All-New X-Men #25: This All-New Marvel Now bi-weekly Original Sin series had a stealth debut in All-New X-Men #25.

Original Sin #0: A zero issue followed and retold The Watcher’s origin and also expanded his scope and power set.

Original Sin #1 and #2: Following that, Original Sin #1 and #2 set up the various investigations into the Watcher’s death and theft of his eyes. In addition to Nick Fury Sr. leading the prime investigation at the request of the Avengers’ Captain America, three other groups of heroes are also independently investigating on different planes literally at the behest of a mysterious benefactor:

  • Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and Gamora in space.
  • Dr. Strange and the Punisher on the astral plane.
  • Black Panther, Ant-Man and Emma Frost close to the Earth’s core.

What ties them together? Monsters and mysterious green bullets?

Original Sin #3: The big news was the holy sh*t moment at the end that saw the death of Nick Fury Sr. at the hands of Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier! That issue also revealed how the villains identified at the end of issue #2 got together, namely Dr. Midas, his daughter Exterminatrix and The Orb, met here and here.

Original Sin #4: We learned that all was not what it seemed with Nick Fury’s “death”. Looks like he has an army of Life Model Decoys or LMDs at his disposal.

Original Sin #5: This issue is dedicated to explaining how Nick Fury Sr. is still alive and really, really old. It’s a rewriting or reboot of his Marvel past. We further learn that he is behind those gamma bullets and pulled the various teams of Avengers together to investigate the Watcher’s murder. Nick Fury Sr. = the Unseen Cosmic Avengers of the Marvel Universe.

In Original Sin #6 we learned what the real reason the various teams were pulled together by Nick Fury Sr. This seems to set up the All-New Marvel new ongoing series with Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #1 set to debut in October 2014.

However, before we get to the spoilers and preview for Original Sin #7 and Original Sin #8, here’s what you need to know about Marvel Comics’ All-New Marvel Now Original Sin publishing plan including a newly announced Original Sin Annual:

Spoilers and previews for Original Sin #7 and Original Sin #8 follow.

Original Sin #7 Preview and Spoilers

Original Sin #8 Preview and Spoilers

Hmmm. Kick Fury Sr. Friend or foe?

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