Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Battle Of The Block Fallout, Frankie Reveals Who He Is, Caleb Thinks He Can Date Ariana Grande, Nicole Upset Because She ‘Nominated Someone Famous’

If you are looking for the fallout from Sunday’s Battle of the Block competition and can’t wait until Wednesday’s episode to find out what happened, we have you covered.

Immediately after Frankie won the contest (despite Caleb’s best attempt to throw it), Zach began screaming at Frankie and called Christine out for being a liar. Zach told Frankie that he had his back until the endgame and he screwed him over. Frankie told Zach that he had his back as well. Zach told him that he hasn’t.

Zach told Frankie that he gave him his Big Brother life on a platter and got screwed over, so he is done with Frankie. Cody then joined the fracas and began yelling at Frankie as well, calling him out for trying to get him on the block next to Zach. Frankie denied it. Zach then called Frankie out for lying to Nicole about the Detonators and telling how he lied that had only been formed three days ago. Zach said that he will have to hope that his bros Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Donny will have his back, because Frankie clearly doesn’t. Frankie asked for a private meeting with the guys in the bedroom.

Frankie pulled Caleb, Cody, Zach and Derrick into the bedroom. He revealed that he has been lying to them the entire time about who he is. Frankie told them that he is a YouTuber and social media mogul. He said that he walked into the house with 1.5 million followers and has been hiding that fact from all of them since the beginning. He then said that his sister is a mega pop star. Cody and Zach both initially thought that it was a joke. Frankie then asked them what his last name is. He then said that it is Grande and that his sister is Ariana Grande. Frankie said that he has been playing very paranoid and it started to eat away at him. He defended betraying Zach by telling him that he couldn’t trust Zach because Zach told him too much (?) Frankie also told the boys that he is playing the game for a charity that he represents. One that builds schools in Africa. When Derrick asked why Frankie chose to reveal himself now, Frankie said it was because he was sorry for what he had done. Zach told him that nothing about him mattered because the bottom line was that Frankie pushed to get him out and was willing to work with the other side to do it. Caleb said it was hard to trust Frankie because he was able to lie to people while looking at them in the eye.

Frankie apologized again and said that he still only wanted to work with the guys. Caleb asked him if he could introduce him to Justin Bieber and Frankie said that he would take him to Justin Bieber’s house. Cody admitted that he didn’t know who Ariana Grande is.

Frankie then called a meeting of the girls in the living room and told them about being Ariana’s brother. Victoria seemed the most shocked.

Derrick told Cody and Caleb that Frankie’s reveal was strategic and that he did it just to control Victoria. Hilariously, Caleb seemed focused solely on whether Ariana would be interested in him. Derrick promised him that he had no shot with her and that she dates athletes who make a lot of money. Caleb said that if she met him and he was himself with her, she would be telling Frankie that he is amazing dude.

Cody talked game with Zach and said that Victoria would have to go on the block against him if Donny won the veto. Zach seemed very upset by Frankie’s reveal and that now everyone would want to just give him the money because he was playing for charity. Derrick also said he was pissed that everyone was so star struck. Derrick said that Victoria and Caleb were the ones who would be the most manipulated.

Later in the evening, Zach seemed to realize that his only chance of staying would be to win the POV. Derrick said that he still had him, Cody, Caleb and Victoria who would all vote to keep him over Donny. Derrick said that he now believed Frankie’s story and that either Nicole or Christine were the ones who were lying. Frankie interrupted the conversation (what else?) and asked if Zach would hug him yet. Zach refused. Frankie left, and the guys told Zach that he would have to hide his disdain for Frankie because they still needed his vote and Christine was the HOH.

Shockingly, after some time… it appeared that Victoria was resentful about Frankie’s revelation and this was mitigated by Derrick telling her that Frankie would never take her to meet Ariana Grande and that he was just saying that to gain her trust.

The worst reaction was by Nicole who was upset because she felt like she would be hated for nominating Frankie because he was famous. Nicole told Victoria that she would have never nominated Frankie if she knew he was famous and now thinks everyone hates her. Victoria said the way that Frankie said he was playing for charity was suspicious.

Nicole told Christine that she had no plans to backdoor her and Christine said that she wasn’t going to either.