Danny Garcia’s Dad Not Impressed With WBC/WBA’s Dirty Politics

Danny Garcia’s father isn’t happy.

Angel Garcia, Danny Garcia’s father (who also serves as his son’s trainer) says that the WBA/WBC junior welterweight is being unfairly victimized by the same organizations that he champions.

According to Angel, he received word from both the WBA and the WBC that his son would have been stripped of his belts, if challenger Rod Salka did pull off the most unlikeliest of upsets. This was despite the fact that the fight had been agreed to as a non-title contest.

Heading into the match, Salka was an unranked contender who had just moved into the division after having previously competed as a lightweight. Because of his weight, the sanctioning bodies refused to make it a title match.

Now, Angel says he believes that the same sanctioning bodies would have turned it into a title match if Salka had been victorious (Garcia beat him quite easily).

“The WBA and WBC were playing dirty. If Danny would have lost, they would have stripped his titles. Why? Why would they strip him? They could have them. If they were my titles, I’d give them back,” Garcia said. “I don’t even want them. Honestly. I don’t give a s*** about the politics, you have to be faithful. You can’t be dirty. To me, that’s dirty. How is he going to lose titles fighting at 142 if he would have lost?” Garcia said to BoxingScene.com

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Source: BoxingScene.com