Luke Rockhold Calls Out Vitor Belfort Again, Says The Phenom Looks ‘Tiny’

Luke Rockhold is at it again.

After already calling out Vitor Belfort in advance of the latter’s title shot against Chris Weidman at UFC 181, Rockhold is doing whatever he can to secure a match against ‘The Phenom’ regardless of whether he wins or loses against the current middleweight champion.

“That’s a perfect world right there,” Rockhold told Submission Radio in reference to Belfort beating Weidman for the title and getting a shot at him after. “It would be awesome and we would really sell the fight, ’cause there’s a couple of people I can shit about. I don’t really like to talk shit about a lot of people, but there’s a few people. There’s Bisping and Vitor are definitely my targets, and I would sell the shit out of that fight, and then I would beat the shit out of them too.

There’s nothing I want more than to fight Vitor Belfort. You know Vitor can talk all he wants, I mean he’s not even on this planet. The guy just, nothing makes sense that comes out of his mouth, and his whole life is a lie. I have fun, yeah. People wanna call me a ‘Playboy’, I like to enjoy myself. I’m young, I’m single, travelling the world and having a good time, but you know I handle business when it’s time. Yeah, I wanna fight Vitor, more than anything.”

Belfort, who is no longer sanctioned to use testosterone replacement therapy looks smaller than he has in advance of his previous match-ups and this fact was not lost on Rockhold.

“He looks tiny! I don’t know how he’s gonna keep the weight on, ’cause he was on UFC on Fox, man the guy looked tiny. He literally looked like a small welterweight.”

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