WWE Monday Night Raw August 11, 2014 Off TV Happenings, Dark Match Results

After Raw went off the air, there was no dark match. But, Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration went on until 8:30 PST (about 10 minutes after it ended on WWE Network).

After John Cena gave Hogan the stage, Hogan thanked Cena, Real American played, there was ticker tape, balloons, singing, and dancing. Then, Vince McMahon came out, raised Hulkster’s hand, and gave him a hug.

– Biggest Pops: Roddy Piper, Hall & Nash survey time, Hulk Hogan, John Cena.

– Most Heat: John Cena, Lesnar & Heyman, Seth Rollins.

– During pre-Raw introductions, Michael Cole came out to boos and indifference, JBL got a huge pop and he seemed to be in a great mood, and Jerry Lawler came out to chants and a standing ovation. Huge respect.

A big “C-M Punk” chant broke out during the pre-show break, but ring announcer Justin Roberts cut it off.

Report by Shyla Hecht & Chris Chambers, PWTorch readers

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